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"She explains that formula to me."

Translation:Ella me explica esa fórmula.

April 11, 2013



What's wrong about the first option? Is it the "aquella" vs. "esa"_

July 18, 2014


Same question...why not aquella


I am wondering why I was marked wrong for missing the accent in this q, other times I get the prompt "Pay attention to the accent" but answer is still marked correct.


In certain words the omission of an accent changes the meaning of the word. For example "fórmula" in Spanish means "formula" in English but "formula" (without the accent) means "he/she/it formulates". Another example might be "tú" (you) and "tu" (your).


It has stopped giving the "pay attention to the accent" prompt. Too bad, I liked it (also, a veces los acentos son deficiles de ver para mi.


I need help on me by itself versus a me versus a mi. I thought mi was possessive.


It's also the object of a preposition. So you'd say "a mi", "de mi", "conmigo" (which is a little different).

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