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"Sowohl Patienten als auch Ärzte werden beraten."

April 11, 2013



I wrote "both patients as well as doctors will advise" -- "get advised," or the alternate "are advised" are both present tense constructions in English.


Technically, the German sentence is ambiguous and the doctors and patients could be either actors (in the future) or receivers (presently) of the action. But if you hadn't ask your question, I (native speaker) wouldn't have noticed ;-) So, I'd say without further context, I'd go with duo's translation. (But yours should be accepted, too).


This is, however, in a section on the future tense, nicht wahr?


Well, I'm not against an occasional "trick question" to keep us on our toes. Although if it is an ambiguous sentence, both responses should be accepted.

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