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Jane Doe is following you … what does this mean?

I know what it is to follow someone on Instagram or Twitter, but what does it mean on Duolingo? I get a notification every day that a new person is "following" me, but I have no idea what that means. What is the point of following another student? Is there some benefit I am missing?

April 19, 2019



When somebody follows you it really doesn't mean anything, there is no benefits to it, all they can do is compare their xp with yours.


The only benefit is that the learner doesn't feel all alone. He or she can see that others are also working towards their language goals. It helps with motivation.


Thank you. My only motivational skill at this point can be my streak. I'm stuck in past perfect tense in Italian at this point :-(


it just means they added you as a friend, however you cannot do anything with the user apart from see there XP. its a good way to have competitions with them though xD


I’m hoping someone can explain to me the purpose(s) served by Friends and Followers on Duolingo.

From what I can see I cannot communicate with them in any way, especially since the Clubs no longer exist. What’s the point?

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