[Gender:Noun] without knowing the proper gender for the noun, learning case form is impossible.


Knowing which case: Nominative, Accusative, Dative, Genitive for a noun is possible, but knowing which form for the case is impossible if one doesn't know the noun's gender. I think this is a simple, but profound statement.

Please upvote if you would like to see this tool for German. Please add a reply with the language you're learning if you would like to see the same tool in another language. Everyone, if you would find this tool helpful, please upvote each language you're interested in... and thereby upvote this tool.

Dear Duo. I hope you would create a tool that exclusively helps us learn the gender article for every noun. This tool should be independent of regular lessons for a language, be multiple choice, and not a part of regular practice.

One finds it is impossible to get the case correct, if one doesn't know the gender of the noun!

So, I would like a tool that does only the following simple concept:

Q: ___ Hund

A: (1) der (2) die (3) das

Q: ___ Katze

A: (1) der (2) die (3) das

Q: ___ House

A: (1) der (2) die (3) das

Q: ___ Apfel A: (1) der (2) die (3) das

and so on, for all learned nouns both singular and plural forms.

  1. The tool should include only nouns, and only as they are learned in the regular lessons. In other words, when they are introduced in a lesson, the noun is added to the noun list.
  2. The tool should allow for fast answering, we want this to get intuitive. For the computer app, the answer should be selected by number, OR, letter (deR, diE or daS), if right, flash the two words simultaneously on the screen in green: EX: (DER Mann). And,if wrong, only flash red with nothing. If not 1,2, or 3, or R, E, or S then do nothing and wait. For the mobile, a touch on the right form produces similar results as above.

  3. This should be like 'tiny cards' on adrenaline. We want to imprint the correct, and erase the wrong answer.

Justification: While it is true that the cases: Nominative, Accusative, Dative, Genitive are difficult for non-native speakers, the problem of case is compounded and made worse by not knowing the gender of the noun. It's not enough to know what each case means and when it applies, if one doesn't know the gender, by not knowing the gender, the answer can be right for case; but is still wrong for the wrong reason. We/I desperately need a tool to hammer in the genders of a noun. In addition to embedding nouns in the sentences, we should have a tool to learn the gender of the article and the noun together alone, so that we gain that intuitive [gender:noun] feel for each word.

Thank you so much for considering this. This should be separate from lessons and practice, and only include new nouns as we learn them. When I take tests, I discover that my greatest source of failure is uncertainty on the gender of a noun. I feel if you examine people's test results you will find more errors due to gender than due to case. Plus, by removing focus from gender, and treating it separately, we can focus on learning case better.

If the language you are learning has problems with this same issue. Not knowing Gender, makes learning proper case form impossible.

April 19, 2019



Guest the Gender

April 20, 2019

I like it; however the layout is not great for being able to quickly learn. The answer, at the bottom if wrong. Nothing if right, better feedback would be a green flash to let you know you got it right. The right choice could be more prominently visible.

That said, better than nothing! :-) Especially if all one wants to do is learn, albeit slowly. I would prefer getting quizzed only on the words I know, and add new ones as I learn. Looks like something Duo could perhaps buy, and modify?!

There are a lot of words we have yet to learn; and, a lot of words we've learned that are missing. Having a tool specifically designed for this course would be extremely helpful. I started doing better using this game you linked after I stopped trying to race the car. I found that having to look down to see the right answer when I got it wrong problematic; and then getting no response when I got it right required looking at the word below and realizing it was still the same last word I got wrong. But, taking one's time, and actually using the tool in spite of the issue did give me results. Of course, once I got on Duo I was still missing a lot of words. (sigh)

April 21, 2019

A tool like that would be a nice addition to Duolingo ! So I did upvote.

My first wish would however be that they add a function that enable to see the gender of a word when hovering on a word ! Sometimes (often !) in German, I fail to answer with the proper case. I would like to be able to immediatly check for the gender of the word in order to know what I did wrong. Right now I'm keeping a dictionnary in a separate tab to check that. But it is a lack of time. Having that natively in Duolingo would help remembering the gender of a world too.

April 21, 2019

I understand what you're saying; yes, I agree. That way we could at least take a guess and end up with the right answer, and have a chance at modifying any other word in the sentence based on the case, that way we can separate the gender of the article from our case selection and learn case selection. I would still like to see the other tool as I want to hammer on the gender article of the nouns until I get it down pat. But, this could work in the interim.

April 24, 2019

I like it!!! They have added the Gender to the hover over of most nouns! Very Helpful!

April 29, 2019
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