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Ukienda kumwona bibi yangu, ni lazima mamkiane

This sentence is given as an example in the Tips and Notes of the Reciprocal Verbs lesson. However, shouldn't this be Ukienda kumwona bibi yangu, ni lazima mwamkiane (If you go to see my grandmother, you have to greet each other)?

April 20, 2019



thanks for bringing it to our attention! (and for taking the time to read the notes :))


Yeah. I think it is a typo or simple mistake since whoever wrote it included the "w" in "kumwona".

Is there a way to report errors in the Tips and Notes for the Swahili course? I'm not sure if I have seen one.


Yes, it is probably a typo, and no, there is no way to report errors there.. So, I hope that reporting here it may prompt someone to correct it in a future version.


I ask because in some courses I have seen links in the Tips and Notes to report errors to the contributors.

Yes. Hopefully machieng will see it.

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