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  5. "Boni Dovaogēdi līrisi."

"Boni Dovaogēdi līrisi."

Translation:Those Unsullied are smiling.

April 20, 2019



"Boni" can be used as an adjective? Up to this point, I've only seen it as a demonstrative pronoun. I translated this as "Those are smiling Unsullied." What is the accusative form of Dovaogēdi?


The accusative forms of "dovaogēdy" are "dovaogēdi" (singular) and "dovaogēdī" (plural). As for "boni", there are basically two different kinds of "boni". First, there is "bony" (plural "boni"), which translates to "that (one)" and is declined like a lunar noun of the second declension. It can stand on its own as the subject of a sentence. Then there is "bona", which is declined like an adjective (Class I). It can't stand on its own and modifies a noun, which means it translates to "that [noun]". Due to the way declension for Class I adjective works, it takes the form "boni" if the noun is plural/lunar/nominative (which is the case here) and if it is singular/solar/accusative. Also see https://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Adjectives#Class_I

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