"Somo la Kiswahili"

Translation:Swahili lesson

April 20, 2019

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"Physics" is accepted for "Somo la Fizikia", but "Swahili" isn't accepted for "Somo la Kiswahili". Is there a reason for that? Is it just that, in English, "Physics" very often refers to a school subject, but "Swahili" would usually simply refer to the language?


most likely just a mistake, your explanation makes sense


yes, because this specifically refers to the subject/lesson and not simply the language


Swahili subject should be accepted

But as usual, whoever's in charge of this course treats error-reports as soft wind blowing gently by their ears. That is if those people in charge of this course still exist in this world given that there seems to be no one in charge of this course...


"swahili class" should be accepted, reported

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