How to turn clubs back on

Hi all, for me the clubs help a lot. we chat a lot and learn while having fun.

but a lot of active people suddenly stopped. it might be because they got leaderboards.

I want to give you instructions on how to get the clubs back once you get leaderboards. it’s possible but hidden. pay attention:

go to

do two things:
- turn off public profiles
- make sure clubs are on

now, log back into your app. It should now show you the clubs again

my spanish club code is V3EWPX

Edit: For those who have never used clubs, they are only available in the mobile apps under the shield icon. The shield either shows you clubs, or leaderboards. This thread is about switching the shield back to clubs.

Edit: This probably will not work past May 19 :/ :/

April 20, 2019


Brilliant!! I already have a Spanish Club that I am a member of but thank you for the tip! I know that there are other ways to return to Clubs.

My Clubs are fine but we had many members that were affected

Your advice makes sense and is probably the best. Because as it turns out ,our own settings in Duolingo may without our knowledge enable leaderboards..Thank you so much indeed for showing how to fix that.

April 21, 2019

Thanks for the tip. When I left my club to try and find a more active one I was horrified to see the new leader board feature. Got clubs back now thanks to you =)

April 25, 2019

YES!!! Thank you sooooo much! I was hating the league experience after 4 days. I followed your steps, and I am back in my old club again! I'm going to try to give you a lingot. Not sure how to do that either! :)

April 29, 2019

@jostaffe cool, glad you found uour way back :)

April 30, 2019

I wish Duolingo would tell us WHY they've unilaterally decided to end all Clubs. The only reasoning I've seen so far, from HelpfulDuo, is that Clubs "are an older feature that has some cost (to Duolingo), and are only used by a small fraction of users." I really wish they would elaborate on that statement so that we could at least understand their decision. Instead, they are focusing heavily on the switch to Leaderboards, in the cases where they even respond to complaints at all (which is very seldom indeed).

Perhaps it makes sense when you look at it this way: Clubs are only available to app users (some percentage of overall users), only a (smaller) percentage of whom use the Clubs, and then perhaps they are looking even further at the number of users who join Clubs and then desert them, which, as all active Club members know, is sadly a large percentage of the Clubs' capacity. This could indeed make us active club members look like a 'small fraction of users.' But without being given some idea of the data, and knowing for certain why they've made this decision, I'm only guessing. From the number of "Save our clubs!" complaints, it certainly seems thst there are a large and vocal number of active club users out there.

I am trying to understand their motivation, but it's all very sad and frustrating. Clubs may have their issues, but they are, IMO, currently Duolingo's best - and perhaps only - language-specific way of interacting with, and practicing your target language with, other users, and I'll be sad to see them go. But it seems we have no choice in the matter, nor any satisfactory answer as to why they're being taken away.

May 5, 2019

it’s a company with shareholders awaiting profit, while their product is free. they are streamlining their services to generate income. in that sense clubs may or not be counterproductive. it may keep users going with the drawback that they do less exercises (less income), so they have done an a/b test under several months with leaderboards to see how much exercises people will do and how many will abandon the app, and they’ve come to the conclusion it helps their income to use leaderboards instead, it encourages exercises and income generation. this is how I have interpreted their information

May 6, 2019

Does this really work? Couldn’t everyone with the app just ignore leaderboards and leagues?

April 26, 2019

If i understand correctly, Duo will perma delete the clubs on 20th of May, but this fix works for now.

April 26, 2019

Oh sure alright. An end to clubs isn’t a good thing.

April 27, 2019

Everyone welcomed at my Italian club, code TS5ZSY

April 26, 2019
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