Quotations in the Korean Language

I am looking for the 'proper' and 'standard' symbols for quotation in the Korean language. I know that 『...』 and「...」is a standard quotation mark which is the same as the Japanese language. Guillemets 《 insert quote here 》are only used in North Korea same with Spanish and French. Many Koreans uses a same quotation marks as ours like 'quote' and "quote".

When I write in Korean, should I use the Japanese quotation marks or the English quotation?

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Raymart Lipat

April 20, 2019


Use the English quotation with the "..."

「...」 Personally for me is something I'm not used to seeing. But it's universally understood between Koreans when you just use "...", and I'm sure most Koreans prefer the "..." in when writing too.
Hope this helps ^^

April 20, 2019

ah, idk how japanese quotations work but korean quotations are integral with grammar. if you want to do a DIRECT direct quotation of what someone said, you use our " " marks in addition to it. for example:
수업 동안 우리의 선생님은 "형용사와 동사의 차이를 알아야 해" 라고 말씀하셨어요
during class, our teacher said "you have to know the difference between an adjective and a verb"

『...』 and 「...」, i rarely see these things. i think ive seen them in a few technical settings, but no not really

April 20, 2019

Korea is probably the only country to use Western quotations.

This is a fact.

The above style of quotation can be used, but no one uses it

April 22, 2019
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