"Tu és uma menina."

Translation:You are a girl.

April 11, 2013

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Is this translation right? I would say "Voce é uma menina" So this mean that when you use "Tu" instead of "voce" we have to use "és" instead of "é"?


Yep. Eu sou, tu és, ele/ela/você/a gente é. Its not so common to use tu in most part of Brazil, but it is more used in Portugal.even those who uses that, they most of time coniugate the verb in the 3rd singular person, same conjugation used for "você"


Hi - can you drop the first person prounoun 'tu' and just say 'és uma menina' as with Spanish and Italian? Thanks.


what are 3rd person and 2nd person verb forms?


2nd person is the person who you are talking to (you -singular = tu/você // you - plural = vós/vocês). Most of time we use você and vocês in conversation. 3rd person is the person who you are talking about (he - ele, she - ela, it - ele, ela, isso, they - eles, elas)


I got three question in a row that did not provide the correct answer. What's up with that?


Not enough information for us to help you. Did you report it?


So my options did not include és only sou and somos


If that was for "tu", please report it. Which app was that for?


This is the informal. What would the correct formal be?


"Você é uma menina" is technically the formal version. Remember that the vast majority of Brazil doesn't use "tu" at all and uses "você" in almost all situations. The exception is if you're talking to an old person... then it's best to address them as "O senhor/A senhora" instead of "você".


Previously i learnt "são" mean "are", but now it says " és " of ' Tu ' and " é " for ' Voce '. Now totally confused, somebody please explain me the difference and in which sentences they are to be used


Singular: you are = você é / tu és; plural: you (all) are = vocês / vós sois. We are = nós somos; they are = eles são/ elas são. For the difference between "tu" and "você" : http://duolingo.com/#/comment/78116?from_skill=cc59353ddf030721d7721c3c9c8cdf04


Having learned my portuguese in Porto alegre, it's really difficult to adjust to conjugating "tu" in 2nd person and not incorrectly in 3rd!

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