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  5. What's does lo refer to here?


What's does lo refer to here?

"Una lista de 75 participantes da para muchas sorpresas. Es lo que nos ha traído el Rally de Portugal que contará con 15 World Rally Cars de nueva generación entre sus participantes."

Is this saying that the Portugal Rally brings us a list of participants, or that 15 next-gen cars are brough to Portugal Rally, or something else? The grammatical order is throwing me for a loop here o_O

July 17, 2012

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What he's saying is that the Rally of Portugal is bringing the list of participants and the surprises that entails. Here is how you might translate it:

"There are a number of surprises in the list of 75 participants. That's what the Rally of Portugal has brought with the inclusion of 15 next-generation World Rally Cars."

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