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What can I do when I am not on duolingo?

Hello, I am learning Portuguese and I am trying to figure out what can I do outside of duolingo to help myself learn more Portuguese? I am only on food which is in the first set of skills but am hoping that someone can give suggestions on what else I can do. I am fortunate enough that my dad is from Portugal and speaks Portuguese so I can talk to him and get help from him but am wanting to know other ways also. While I am from a Portuguese family, most of my family that speaks Portuguese lives in a different state and is thus why I can't really speak it but I am taking the initiative to do it now and it's fun! The only thing I do outside of duolingo right now to help is listen to fado music lol (i like fado music). I need to start speaking to my dad in Portuguese as well. Anyways sorry to ramble thank you for the help!!

May 29, 2014



When i hit about level 6 or so i decided to change everything i could to my Portuguese equivalent, for instance, i adjusted the language on my Ipod, Ipad, PS3, etc. at first it was a struggle as i was still very early into my lessons, but soon enough i began to understand everything that i was reading with no struggle at all. At one point i changed the settings on my PlayStation back to English and even though i could understand everything i was still confused haha. I've also been watching more Brazilian TV on YouTube, listening to Bossa-nova, and studying Brazilian pop culture and watching interviews of my favorite Brazilian celebrities.


That's a really good idea! Why have I never done that?


I like the idea of changing the language on my console. I have an xbox one and will have to check into how to change the language :)


It has really helped me a lot, it was a little bit frustrating at first because all i wanted to do was play, but you subconsciously learn when navigating through the menu and it becomes secondary.


I tried it and don't mind the dashboard but it changed the game language too @_@.


Yeah that part can get a little bit annoying, but with sub-titles on, it can really change your gaming experience and you'll defiantly start learning without even noticing it.


Yeah that's true. Not sure if every game I have has that option though. I tried watch dogs for instance and I don't remember having an English subtitle option but I could be wrong. I could also play through the game in English first and then play it with my console in Portuguese.


which series on youtube have you been watching? and have you been watching with or without english subtitles?


I watched a show called "A Fazenda" it's kinda like Big Brother except its set on a farm, (Farm=Fazenda) i watched the Sixth season without subtitles, but i honestly didn't really like it that much, i only watched it cuz i knew who one of the contestants was. Its a very popular show in Brazil and there are tons of videos on Youtube.


Children's fiction can be a good way to kick-start your reading comprehension. A long time ago a Duolingo user introduced me to a set of short stories on YouTube which are spoken slowly and clearly and include the text on-screen.

If you like the videos, you can download the texts themselves. They are available in many languages (selected by a pull down list) including UK and US English which means you can easily check your understanding of the Portuguese versions.

There are also some other short stories in Portuguese available from childrenslibrary.org.


Yeah that's not actually a bad idea! thanks for the links. It may feel weird going back to a book for children but shouldn't be that bad.


It's really fun, stories for children are really weird, i see by now.


I have a few friends on Facebook who speak Portuguese and whenever they make posts in Portuguese I try and figure out what they're saying. Sometimes I know words, sometimes I don't, so I look them up. It helps build vocabulary for sure!


Get back to Duolingo....


Another Portuguese beginner here. I think it would be really nice if Duolingo allowed you to download just the audio of the units for when you're driving, running, or otherwise not able to look at your screen.. Certainly given the phonology of portuguese listening and repeating would help me to hear more of it, I think!


Oh man that would be awesome! I just started Portuguese, but I studied some French in college. I had stopped for a while on Duolingo with it and I wish I hadn't. If they had downloadable study guides, even just lists, it would be pretty great.


You could try playing games that are in Portuguese. Such as Minimundos.com.br . It's like the sims but with real people and you don't have to download it.. The English version is Smallworlds.com. Just a thought because this is what I do... :p


hey thanks for the game, it looks great! :D


do a little of duolingo everyday. listen to lots of (interesting) music, preferably by marcelo d2, luan santana, and kid songs like from the rebeldes. read somethings in the language e.g read an article once, then read it again the second time with a dictionary. try to think in the language as much as possible (even just saying bom dia a lot helps). watch tv in the language. turn your gadgets language into portuguese. try to practice with a live native speaker (like your dad). in public, get your phone and talk as if you are talking with someone, but in the language. do this a lot and i guarantee you before the olympics to speak it well


hey Guys! I'm Brazilian and i'm learning english. I looking for someone native english native speaker to practice on the skype. Nós podemos ajudar um ao outro. Entre em contato comigo!


check out Street Smart Brazil. Great website with lots of tips and tricks about colloquial brazillian portuguese. One of my favorite learning websites.


There are many resources online you can use. Try Memrise.


There is channels on youtube in portuguese. Try to change the settings on the bottom of the youtube homepage and there will be some good material like comedy from Porta dos fundos.


When you say change the settings do you mean change Youtube from English to Portuguese?


At first you will not understand but if you see things in a language you get stuff without even notecing. It is good way to learn.


Do you think young children use duolingo or things to memorise words? Not saying duolingo isn't good , it's pretty good


umm you know i'm not sure if they do. I am 23 myself and duolingo has been perfect for me. Honestly I've not been on a website where I have learned so much. I think it might be good for kids to use because kids today are around technology so much. By the way I changed my youtube to Portuguese and I have already picked up on words because I use youtube a lot and recognize where things go so I learned new words already! obrigado!


I said young children when learning their mother tongue they learn from scratch, because of the situations in which the language is used. the same thing happens on the internet with videos for intance


Find something you can get hooked on to give you the energy to keep going. For me, I started reading some addictive young-adult fiction in order to passively gather vocab and grammar. You've got to find something you can look forward to doing every day...the internet has loads of options! (e.g. portuguese television, perhaps?)


I think both tv and reading would be good for me. Have any suggestions on either one for a beginner?


My goal was to learn spoken Brazilian Portuguese, so I read some bootleg translations of the Twilight series (it's written at a low level, has lots of repetition, and is addictive despite how hilariously idiotic it might seem. Harry Potter probably would be good, as well. Bootleg translations are better in some ways than the official translations because the characters talk more naturally, and I think the translations probably have smaller vocabularies too!).

If you are interested in a good Brazilian novella, I would recommend Avenida Brasil - I watched it scene-by-scene on the Globo website and said 1 sentence between each scene, which really sped up my real-life conversation: http://gshow.globo.com/novelas/avenida-brasil/capitulos/da-semana/26-03-2012.html

I also enjoyed "Morde e Assopra". It was endearingly cheesy (it had dinosaurs and robots in it, for crying out loud!) and had several very clear speakers in it.

I tried to watch "Grande Familia" when I started out, but I

Honestly, it's probably going to really suck at first, so just be patient and know that it will pay off. I had to really drudge through the first 100 pages or so of Crepusculo (Twilight) before I began genuinely enjoying the task. But cutting-and-pasting sentences into google translate helped a lot.

Also, I waited until I had read 1 Twilight book before watching the novellas. And I want to warn you here, as well, that watching them might also suck at first. For me, for the first 3 weeks I didn't understand almost anything no matter how many times I repeated a scene, and it was a total chore. But then all of the sudden I would understand entire sentences and started really enjoying it.


Yeah, there is a lot of good information in your post and hope that I can do this. I realize it wont be easy but it will be worth it :) Where would you find books like Harry Potter in Portuguese by the way? I've been trying to listen to Portuguese music and I even found an app that has Brazilian news articles. I find myself not understanding a lot of it but I try to figure it out and if I can't I look it up.


Do you also think it's okay to watch the novellas with Portuguese subtitles? Not sure if you did that but for me it gives me more of a visual plus they can speak to fast for me sometimes. Also when you said you said a sentence between each scene did you like say a sentence from the novella or did you just say something in general about the show maybe? Thanks!


Hmm, I think that subtitles probably could have helped me out, but I didn't use them. As long as you don't get to pick about making sure you understand everything - because that will be overwhelming at first!

As for a sentence between each scene, I would try to say one sentence about the scene that I just watched. E.g. about the characters' actions or motivations. Or even some back story. Or I would make fun of the embedded product placements (which aren't subtle at ALL) - you know, whatever came to mind. Most importantly, if I had learned a new word in that scene, I tried to use it.


oh okay obrigado :) Yeah I didn't think about it but trying to understand everything they say might be a little overwhelming. My hope is that even if I don't understand everything at least when I do understand the word I will recall seeing it in the show. Where should I go to read books in Portuguese?


Music and Portuguese songs are great ways to learn.


Youtube search "a mulher da melancia", quality Brazilian entertainment at it's finest :^)


Go to the Mall, its a big place that draws a lot of people, you might get lucky and make some friends that speak the language your are trying to learn. And yes I know I totally stole this idea from youtube, but its a dang decent idea.


Try lang8. It's a great website where you post entries in the language you're learning and native speakers correct them. Sharedtalk.com is a website that can help you with speaking practice. I have yet to try it, but I've heard a lot of people who liked it. You can also go to a pen-pals website and friend some people who speak Portuguese. Also, if you like Frozen, you can find most of the songs in Portuguese on Youtube (Let it Go--Livre Estou) If you have a Kindle, try searching for books in Portuguese. You can find a couple of free ones, and while they may not seem that interesting, its a great way to help you learn. Also, download a translator or always have one handy for when you find new words. Read articles in Portuguese by searching them through Google. There are tons of other ways. :) What I do, is whenever I find a new site that helps me with my Portuguese, I save the link in a Word Document and then I go back to all of the links whenever I get bored.


Great advice, I appreciate it! I actually found an app that gives me brazilian news articles all in Portuguese :) Also lang8 looks a good website I will have to try it out. Obrigado!


Awesome! If you don't mind me asking, what is the app called? :)


Of course! I should have put it in there the first time i'm sorry lol. It's called "Notícias do Brasil".

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