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Do you are new in Duolingo?

Hello! My name is Derek St-Gelais! I am a beginner in English so just let me a chance for search my words before talks to you, then this is a message to ask you if you are beginner in Duolingo? That message will pass all the world for ask at everybody else if they new in Duolingo! If you are a beginner in Duolingo, answer me or if it is not, just write Nothing! Thanks to you, so do not hesitate to answer!

April 20, 2019

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This is a place to learn a language, not to chat. According to the status next to your ID you did not do any lesson on duolingo. The message will not “ask everybody else” on duolingo about whether they are new it just might be read by studente who consult the page solution aux problèmes en français.

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