"The monkey has a face."

Translation:Magí aniiʼ hólǫ́.

April 21, 2019

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When do I use "hólǫ́" and when do I use "bee hólǫ́"?


I'm pretty sure Duolingo is wrong here. There's a lot of errors in this course


I agree with that only in Navajo, the other courses are all correct. There is some mistakes in Spanish for Franch or German speakers as well.


I have this same question!


Maybe its because having something as a body part is different to possessing an object, or maybe since "monkey" is indeterminate? Im not sure but om interested in the answer.


I don't know what "monkey" is indeterminate means, indeterminate of what? Can you please explain.


That's my question too.


If there are more errors in this language than others mentioned, it's at least partially because it is in Beta, I believe, and still in development. It has been added to Duo more recently. Others, such as Spanish or French have been available here for many years. Also not much audio has been added yet, meaning it's still developing. I am still glad it's available now.


my understanding, based on no greater knowledge than you and probably on a great deal less, is that you use:

the first option for the First Person: I have

the second option for the Third Person: s/he has

I have noted a lot of inconsistencies in the course: mostly regarding the accents for tone and nasalisation and for glottal-stops. However, I'm hardly an expert...


So duolingo is wrong, how does it actually go in real life?


So, when the monkey or the goat have a face, or a cheek, it's "hólǫ́." When a cow has a face it's "bee hólǫ́." I do believe this is a mistake inside the program. But, I am curious about this idea of determinate (the monkey) verses indeterminate (a monkey) being the reason for the difference.


i have the this same question- when to use hólo versus bee hólo and would like to know how to contact the administrator. I'm so appreciative that we have this available. Is there something Duolingo needs to address this?


Same question


If I'm going to be marked wrong for not including bee when talking about the damn cow's face, then I should not be marked wrong for including it when talking about the monkey's face. Yeesh.


Reason for flagging "something else went wrong": I answered anii' correctly and DL accepts it, but offers anii' as "another correct solution".


How to i type the o with the "q" looking curve on the bottom.

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