"Aia ka hale kūʻai ma kai o ke alanui."

Translation:The store is seaward of the road.

April 21, 2019

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Everytime Iʻm like "seaward?!?!? It's makai!!"


When someone asks the meaning of mauka and makai, we tell them it's "towards the mountain" and "toward the ocean." So why is "... toward the ocean from the road" considered wrong here?


It is a long explanation. In pidgin and common parlance in Hawai'i, mauka and makai are said to mean towards the mountains & towards the sea. In Hawaiian language itself, that is not actually correct because the word ma does not indicate movement. Because we are talking about the location of a stationary object, the store, you cannot translate ma kai as towards the ocean, rather on the ocean side of the road.

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