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  5. "Kommt sie her?"


"Kommt sie her?"

April 11, 2013



I'm a little confused about the 'her' thing. Does it mean 'here' in this sentence? Why not just 'hier'? ie 'Kommt sie hier'? Can one also say 'Kommt sie herhier?'


It is a separable verb meaning "to come here": herkommen



I knew about "herkommen" but figured "is she coming over" would be an acceptable answer but it wasn't. Decided to report it?


OK, so then, when do you use 'hierher' and when just 'her'. Because the example given here is 'Kommt sie her?', whereas in several other sentences in this lesson hierher is used, for example 'Kommen Sie nicht hierher?' and 'Niemand kommt je hierher'. If herkommen means to come here, then what can be the purpose of the hier?? Can someone clarify this for me?


Please remember that I'm not German, just a learner like you....

"hierherkommen" also seems to be a separable verb, meaning the same as herkommen. By itself, hierher seems to mean "here" or the dated "hither". As for which to use when, I think at this point in our German education we should just consider them interchangeable....unless of course a more reputable source (you know who you are) says otherwise. ;)


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