Translation:the letter Q

April 21, 2019



Duolingo is having a hard time understanding that qay and Qay are different letters here. Students: what you hear is Qay, correctly pronounced. Duo is offering you tiles labelled both qay and Qay -- but as of today, both produce the same sound when selected, and the sound they produce is qay. Listen to the difference and be smarter than the Duolingo platform. Savoq. Suval!


I answered "Hay" and Duolingo accepted it? I don't think it should do that, esp since it's important that I learn to distinguish between the two by sound.


The software is designed to accept single letter errors as typos. There's no way to change that just for the Klingon course. It's not ideal, but those are the ideocyncracies of this platform.

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