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  5. "They are women."

"They are women."

Translation:वे औरतें हैं।

April 22, 2019



why is ye wrong?


ye would be 'these' as opposed to 'they'


Ye is for singular. Ve is for plural and also used for elders(as sign of respect)


Is anyone else so confused when it comes to filling the blanks? Duolingo doesn't give a latin letters option.


I spent the first few weeks learning the non-romanized letters of the first 4 circles. Now that i am learning words, im able to know/have memorized what letters the squiggles and lines are equal to. I wrote down each letter/letter combos of the first 4 circles, then spent an arduous amount of effort to put them in orderbased on our romanized alphabet, which helped me figure out things, like when theres an uneven halfcircle above the line its gonna have the 'ee' sound and in English the letter equivalent is 'i'. It took a lot of time and I still dont have all the letters and letter combos correct, but it is keeping from getting lost. I suggest trying to write them down because that physical act helps the brain recall what it means later.


i can't ear the prononciation, i only see letters


They are women. Ans:- वे औरते हे


ये is marked as correct, as is वे. I believe that ये means "these" (close reference) and वे means "those" (far reference), just as वह means "that" and यह means "this". But if we're trying to teanslate "they", which in english doesn't canote a close or far reference, which is more correct?


There is a vowel missing right!?!!


Correct nice gaming

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