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the subjunctive and conditional

I am really struggling over the subjunctive and conditional tenses, I know the congregations for the verbs but I am still not sure when I should actually put them into practice. Does anyone have a simple explanation?. I know that they are used when there is change in emotions or thoughts but apart from that I am confused. many thanks

July 17, 2012



The conditional usually works the same way as in English. "Me gustaría bailar" - "I would like to dance", "tendría un gato" - "I would have a cat", "cantaría por la calle" - "I would sing in the street".

The subjunctive on the other hand, is probably impossible to explain well quickly. Your best chance to start understanding it is probably reading something like this: http://spanish.about.com/od/verbmoods/a/when_to_use_subjunctive.htm


Also, if you go to notesinspanish.com - they have a free pdf that explains it really well: http://notesinspanish.com/files/NIS-Super-Simple-Subjunctive.pdf


thank you for your help on that!! appreciate it alot!! i will check those websites out and hopefully have better luck in the future.

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