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  5. "When will aunt come?"

"When will aunt come?"

Translation:बुआ कब आयेंगी?

April 22, 2019



why only बुआ here is right ? It can be चाची , मामी also. The hindi lesson team has to seriously check these mistakes. otherwise one will lose the interest of learning.


Why is मामी कब आयेंगी wrong?


It is right. You can report if you see the sentence again.


बुआ, चाची, मामी, मौसी, फूफी, ताई and more, why so many names for aunt (and uncle), and why do we have to learn them all; which ones are mainly used? Are there different names for different aunts (fathers or mothers side)?


They are different names for different aunts.

मौसी - Mother's sister.
मामी - Mother's brother's wife.
ताई - Father's elder brother's wife.
चाची - Father's younger brother's wife.
बुआ/फूफी - Father's sister. Both these words are synonyms and there is regional preference for one or the other.


I dont know if this is covered in the notes because i am on mobile and cannot see any of the grammar notes, but i think future versions of the course should cover all these terms at once under the unit for "family," it is a bit confusing for an English speaker if you dont know that hindi makes those distinctions


Is मौसी कब आयेंगी right?

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