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  5. "Isto é entre ele e ela."

"Isto é entre ele e ela."

Translation:This is between him and her.

May 29, 2014



The audio for this sentence is very hard for me to decipher... do native speakers really blend the vowels this much when saying something like this?


I reported that... I just cannot believe that could be understood by anyone, ever. But if there are any native speakers here, can someone let us know?


I'm not a native speaker, but I listen to Brazilian radios and podcasts frequently. Of course, these are designed for national consumption so they might enunciate things differently, but I have found that vowels are not connected to this extreme of a degree - it can still be difficult to understand for a new learner, but it is possible to at least tell "ele e ela" are three separate words.


Not native. But live in Brasil. Married to a brasilian and live and interact with the whole family and many friends, etc... To give everyone else on duo some hope. This is very robotic. And its not the only recording on here thats way off. People dont speak like that here. And specifically where we live, in Goiania, people love to draaaaaag their phrases...


As a European, I feel it's teaching us, Brazi lian slang instead of standard Portuguese


the second time it's spoken by woman and very clear.


Can't "isto" be translated as "it" in this sentence?


Yes, also right.


Perdi a oportunidade de corrigir DL!


Dec 2020. Agreed "It's ..." been reported.


Cant it be also That is between.....?


Sound is terrible had to actually guess what was being said


June 26, 2021 Sound file is very corruped. Can only make out Isto entre ela. Reported.


WTF! Is this guy sneezing?

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