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Expressing "an explicit amount of time later" in Klingon?

Is there a way to express "a certain amount of time later" in Klingon? I'm not talking about pIq and the related words (at least I think I don't) as these imply future, correct? I'm looking for a way to talk about a more recent past, as I might use it when telling a story. As an example: "I started reading this book yesterday morning and because it was so good, I already finished it four hours later." "loS rep pIq" doesn't seem correct here, right? Is there a known way to express this in Klingon?

April 22, 2019



wa'Hu' po paqvam vIlaDchoH 'ej QaQqu'mo' qaSpu'DI' loS rep jIrIn.

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