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April 2019 Updates

Hello Duolinguists—we are getting close to the end of the month and have a ton of updates that we want to share with you! To avoid too many sticky posts, but still make sure you are aware of what’s happening, we’re combining the news into one post this time. Here are notable updates that are either coming, currently rolling out, or that happened recently:

  • CEFR aligned content: Spanish and French (from English) and English (from Spanish and Portuguese) courses got injected with fresh new content to align with the CEFR. See full announcement and explanations here;
  • Android and iOS are going to get more similar: Leaderboards and Health will start rolling out to new users on the mobile platforms that did not previously have them;
  • Leaderboards is now available on iOS and will soon come to the website as well. Attention! Leaderboards are in the process of replacing Clubs, so make sure you follow your club-friends this month!;
  • Course Contributors can now add audio to all courses that were missing it!;
  • Speaking of which, High Valyrian and Hawaiian now have audio. Give them a try!;
  • In case you missed it, Finnish is now incubating;
  • The top menu bar on web will get updated and look a little different, inspired by the app look;
  • Plus users on iOS can already take a Progress Quiz in all languages, and this feature should be coming to Android as well (in the coming weeks), and eventually to web;
  • Bonus XP for combos is back on Android. It is planned to roll out to iOS next, and then to web as well.

Did you notice anything about the changes? What would make them great? Share your thoughts with us! If you want to send us feedback, we’re gathering feature-specific suggestions and ideas around this April update here, and we hope to hear from you too.

Happy Learning!

Happy Duo

April 22, 2019



If you are going to update us on Finnish - could you give some status on Arabic and Yiddish - it seems like you only want to communicate positive things and leave us in the dark on difficulties. This is not recommended because our imagination is probably worse than what you would report and the obscurity just creates irritation in the users.


Sure! We did not include this because it is not technically an update, but happy to share the status you are asking about. We're aiming to release the Arabic for English speakers this year and are actively looking for Yiddish experts to revitalize the team.

As a general update on the status of courses, our goal is to make sure that all language teams are actively improving their courses and completing those that haven't been released yet. Over the last 3 months we've doubled the number of active teams in the Incubator and believe we will finish this month with a record low for inactive teams. We are constantly looking for new language experts to help us build courses and moderate forums—the more volunteers we get the faster stalled courses can start to progress again. So we'd love to hear any recommendations if you know of someone who would like to help.


There is a weekly report that is published in the forum on incubator status. It seems to me a reasonable request to have a Duolingo representative monitor that post and discussion and occasionally provide an update on courses that have stalled for a month or two. I do not think this would take a huge effort and would help with Duolingo transparency and user frustration. In the case of Arabic there has been no progress for 23 weeks and in the case of Yiddish for 30 weeks. Expectations are created among your users when a course starts in the incubator and then frustration builds as they stall with no communication from Duolingo. The conclusion is that Duolingo does not care or is not even aware of what is happening with these new courses. I do not think the hour a week it might take to keep on top of this and communicate would be a large expense and would have a significant benefit in the eyes of your customers. Also if you need assistance with some courses I think the Incubator post would be a good place to ask because people who read them are people who are interested in the new classes and can then help solicit volunteers to work on the courses if that is the issue. If the issues are different - alphabetic or programming then simply explain. I think there will be understanding and acceptance if you can be specific as to the nature of the delay.


Semi-related to this: how about opening up forums for coming courses to allow people to collect discussions in one place?

It would also be nice with a tech forum for Duome stuff, userscripts and things like that which are not really troubleshooting and doesn't belong in any specific language.


I really think they've completely given up on Yiddish. It's been in the incubator for sooooo long.


Could they simply state that then?


I wish they did.


Ditto Afrikaans. And there really isn't any place to learn Afrikaans anywhere else anyway.


Hi Helpful Duo, I know that the leaderboards are starting to take the place of clubs, are the older accounts going to get replaced soon to as well?

The clubs have really helped me as far as getting help from people on my grammar and translations, if there is any way you could keep them that would be great, but if not I will miss them but I will be interested in what new you guys have to offer. :)


Hey Andres, I agree with you. The ability to chat on a club page with members has improved my learning a lot. You are a great member of our club!


Thank you, I have really enjoyed being in your club! It’s the best club I have ever been in!


Leader boards are replacing clubs? How will be straight conversation with friends? We have much fun in our clubs and we will miss all the jokes, story-telling and other funny things.


Yes, I would miss it so much


Hi Maaike you were in my Spanish club .


Yes, that's the main reason to be in a club. To be able to practice writing in the language that we learn. Perhaps, they will find a new "avenue" where we can practice the writing skill.


If you don't update Duolingo, you might still have clubs


Outrage. Loss for words. And now finally able to express the devastation I will feel with this update.

I have both android and iOS apps (iPad and android phone).... I specifically only use my android app because I found the health system so frustrating on the iOS. Just when I start to get the hang of a new lesson I have to wait until the next day to continue. It is completely detrimental to the way I learn.

Everyone learns differently and on the whole I find Duolingo suits my learning style. However one thing most people can agree on is that making mistakes helps learning. We all do it and then learn how to correct ourselves.

Not only this but a small typo or an answer unfairly marked incorrectly is not a good enough reason to be told you cannot continue.

Can you imagine a school in which if a child gets an answer wrong they are removed from class? This doesn't happen because it is not appropriate for a learning environment.

I am committed to learning, and whilst I took a short break whilst I transitioned into a new job I'm back on track and have a goal to be perfectly fluent within 4 years. If they add health to android it will slow down the learning I do on my commute to and from work every morning and evening. I won't even be able to do the evening practice as I probably wont have regained my health yet.

Additionally I am appalled that Duo is going to desecrated the learning community we have through clubs. This is a key source of encouragement and information from those who have more knowledge teaching and guiding those who are new to a language. We also share key information about visiting our chosen countries and even job postings to move and really immerse in language. To get rid of the club environment will be the greatest tragedy. I am lucky to have found an active club. Following other members will allow no contact with them. Competition through leaderboards means nothing. At best all it has ever meant for me is that I will congratulate the friend in my club for their achievement that week.

CEFR is a sensible and helpful addition to the learning experience. If only all of the decisions were so sensible.

I wish Duo would listen and understand. Truly devastating news. I hope a new competitor app is created by someone who has heard our complaints.


"Can you imagine a school in which if a child gets an answer wrong they are removed from class? " My goodness, I love this comment. Are you British or just a really well-spoken respectable adult person​? You sound like a teacher or something-- you really do seem lovely :)


Thanks @xMira_ ! Yes, I am British... but not a teacher. Thank you for the compliment! I can only hope Duolingo will hear us. Encouragement works better than punishment.


Hah, I just noticed there is a link to a feedback form. I wonder if they will be read, or go into the circular file. Submitted mine. Health system being added to android has no effect on me, but I am will go to bat for the Android users to put my two cents in against it for them. I would never wish pain on anyone else.


Several staff members from various teams are reading those results, they are definitely getting attention. Thank you for submitting!


I can't say that health looks like a feature that I'll enjoy or find useful. I often try things out to check if a word can also have a different meaning, in other words, I learn by trial and error and making mistakes. The nice thing about duolingo is that it is learning by doing without requiring immediate perfection. Health will change that. It will also make people even more annoyed about different versions of the same sentence not being accepted.


I have already ditched the app cause health, since it is now moving to android that means one day it may infect the web.... Once it does I am out and ditching duo completely for my other sources.

The other updates are great. Not a big fan of leaderboards since I'm not into competitive learning, but others are, so meh. I don't get why get rid of the clubs though, since that is like the only real social feature (minus forums).


"What would make them great?" First off, what would make them good? Health bar does not benefit anyone and i believe clubs was enjoyed more than leader board. I rejoined recently and this leader board stuff does not seem to be that worth it. I do like the challenge but i also liked how Duo was a couple years ago when i played it. Just my perspective, maybe look into more than just your dev's perspective on duo lingo.


I know I definitely loved the clubs and I agree, Duolingo should at least listen to their customers than just adding unnecessary stuff and replacing helpful things for no reason


What would make them all great would be if you didn't implement them all.


Please add an ability to increase font size to the apps! Or add app features that make them respect system font sizes (while being able to scroll down so all word bank options are available.)

People with vision issues want to use Duolingo, too.


What a big backward step in comparison clubs to leaderboards. With leaderboards you have no more possibility to communicate and learn with others together. In a league you always are with other people (strangers) in every weak. You can only see the XP from people which are unknown. What is the advantage to the clubs? I can't see one. In a club you can also see how many points the other clubmembers get and you can speak about some difficulties in relation to learn a Language and you can help each other.


The clubs are great. You practice the language with people from all over the world. You make new friends. It really motivates me to practice every day. I can't imagine Duo without clubs, boring I would say :(


True, @Maaike624748. I have been on Duo for almost 3 years now and made many friends- including with you.


That’s right, @sunkira. Giving the chat option to the Club users was the smartes move ever! That’s what has been keeping many of us interested in this App for so long. And now they wanna take this away? When you take away a candy from a child, the child will cry, get tired, stop crying, forget about the candy and be happy again. With adults it doesn’t work this way. You take away the Clubs and the chat from us will result in MANY of us stop using this App and go somewhere else.


So far I come with -5 advantages and 100+ disadvantages


I have no doubt that there is solid research showing that people that rush through learning material too quickly will often forget what they have just learned. However, I often see this app being marketed as a learning tool with game-like qualities, and the phrase fun is often used in describing the experience of using the app.

If the point of the app is to draw people in, and keep them engaged, then provided a rigid learning experience is likely going to alienate many users, including myself. The reason the feedback on the health feature is so poor is simple: people don't like it. You are taking something people love, (that they are doing completely voluntarily mind you), and adding unnecessary gating to it in the name of an efficiency of learning ideology.

Focus on making fun changes. This is not class. And people will stop coming back when they feel like it is. Reinforcing concepts is pointless when people just give up. Maybe using research on teaching metrics isn't the best method moving forward, for keeping people engaged with something they are doing totally of their own volition.


If we follow someone first we cannot actually interact with them and knowing their XP is not interacting. The only way to interact with language learning people was clubs and now they are removing that too. Esto no me gusta:(


"The top menu bar on web will get updated and look a little different, inspired by the app look"

Does this mean that the link error in the help on the discussion page will also be corrected?

Others had already reported this bug last year, I have now reported it twice this year, even with a line of code.


Why is Duo bringing these new changes to the website when they can very much see that nobody likes these? I wonder what would happen if Duo was a democracy...


They would continue to pretend that everyone loves the changes notwithstanding the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.


When are clubs going to be removed? Can we get a warning before it happens so we can move our communities to other platforms?

I really hope you have plans for further comnunity/communication features. Engaging with other users and chatting, doing lessons together, etc, is much more motivating for learning rather than just comparing xp scores with each other.


@ChiraChan - we are working on the basis that they may disappear at the end of April. i.e. next week given Duolingo's comment:

Attention! Leaderboards are in the process of replacing Clubs, so make sure you follow your club-friends this month!;


Updates without Clubs … no thanks!!! The interesting thing about learning with Duolingo are the Clubs where you can talk in the language with like-minded Friends.


The dissapearence of Clubs is one of the saddest changes I’ve ever heard of in an app. Clubs is for me one of the main things what distinguishes Duolingo from other language apps. This is truly sad!

  • 1357

Health sounds appalling. When it comes to my account I will delete my app. If it ever comes to the website I will have to stop learning with Duolingo altogether. This is my survey response as to why I would dislike the health feature.

I will be punished for making mistakes. I will no longer feel free to try to answer in new, but possibly wrong answers. I will feel compelled to only answer in ways which I already know are accepted. Because of this fear of failure I will not be able to expand my language knowledge. Additionally I will worry about answers that I know are correct but not yet accepted. I will not want to put them in and then report them, because I know I will loose my health. This will in turn make the service worse. The courses get better when people can help expand the accepted sentences. And lastly there are simple typos. I have gotten many questions wrong because of typos. I don't want to look at my response for an extended period of time just to make sure everything is spelled without a typo. This would get exhausting very quickly.


Could you please clarify this:

•Bonus XP for combos is back on Android. It is planned to roll out to iOS next, and then to web as well.


P.S. Thank you for giving us updates ahead of time. That really is nice and it gives us a heads-up as to what we can expect to change.


What I've seen using Android is if I get all questions correct in a lesson I will get an extra 5xp. If I get one wrong I might get an extra 4xp. I assume there is an algorithm for either how many you get wrong or how many you get correct in a row to determine the amount of bonus xp you'd get.


Can everyone sharing their hatred of the changes in the comments fill in the feedback from Duo asked users to use as well? It is a long shot but still worth trying out


I already did. It isn’t as easy to type out reasoned arguments in though.


Type out reasoned argument on here, then copy and paste the relevant parts into the form. Hopefully that way you might be heard. It is worth a try.


You're absolutely right, but i hate how they loaded the questions. "What would make [intentionally unpleasant feature intended to discourage use of the free version] great?"

And i don't understand why they're ignoring us here, or the numerous other threads where people are criticizing the health system and removal of clubs. Doesn't inspire confidence that we're going to be listened to.


Yeah, "intentionally unpleasant feature intended to discourage use of the free version" is admittedly a very loaded question.


That's not a question, it's an observation. (Was referring specifically to health.)

I'm saying the question "what would make this feature great" presupposes that your least favourite update isn't just a bad idea in general.


The moment clubs are switched off I will uninstall the app. It was the last reason why I still had it.


Health (and thus Duolingo experience overall) was one of the reasons I was happy to switch from iPhone back to Android. A big disappointment to see it didn't just die away slowly, but is instead spreading to other platforms now.


I hated "Health" on my ios and i'm so happy to have gotten rid of it on my New Android. Please don't expand the "Health" to Android!!


On your Android, when you use the web version, can you move the green or red answer banner? On mine (doing French) it appears right over the text box and you can't move it to check your answer, started about a week ago. I've reported it everywhere, but no response. I don't even know if it's a glitch or if they did it on purpose (even though it makes it much harder to learn, Duolingo doesn't seem to care much about that).


I'm not sure. I only use it for stories, because they dont seem to be available in the app. Otherwise I just use the app.

If i had an Apple I would definitely NOT use the app because of the Health system.


I have iOS but I don't have health system


Thanks for being transparent with us in regards to these changes! I remember when everyone used to be furious in terms of the lack of communication between Duolingo HQ and the userbase. Great to see this has finally changed!


Transparent, yes. Interested in our opinions, no.


Hi, thanks for all the work. I think it is really a pity Clubs are disappearing. That was a good way to encourage collaboration instead of competition. :-(


Can someone help me? I can't find a single post supportive of these changes. Is there one?

(and then, why are you making them?)


Because most people don't like these changes?


Wer ist auf diese hirnrissige Idee gekommen die Clubs zu eliminieren??? Die lebhafte Konversation in den Clubs mit echten Leuten trägt soviel zum Erfolg beim Sprache lernen hinzu. Es erfolgt täglich ein reger Austausch in den Clubs. Die Leute im Club sind zu einer Familie zusammen gewachsen. Das ist bisher der Erfolg für Duolingo gewesen - der Spaß am Lernen und das aktive Leben in den Clubs. Macht man so etwas jetzt wirklich kaputt??? Scheinbar gilt auch für Duolingo die Devise "Geld ist geil". Nur was Geld bringt zählt, aber Clubs die sich so toll etabliert haben und die sich praktisch zun Selbstläufer entwickelt haben wo zusammen gelernt, geholfen und unterstützt wird, das kann Duo nicht ertragen. KEINER Hat LUST SEINEN CLUB ZU VERLIEREN und keiner hat Lust auf irgendwelche blödsinnigen Wettstreits. Das ist kein Lernen mehr - das ist der reinste Müll!!!! Wenn es noch irgend jemanden bei Duolingo gibt der nicht nur Dollars in den Augen hat, sollte sich mal jemand die Posts zu den Änderungen durchlesen. Aber wie fast immer wird es keinen von Duolingo interessieren. Erst wenn die User weglaufen gehen Dir die Augen auf lieber Duo, aber dann hast Du verloren.


How about having both optional? Duolingo should OFFER both, leaderboards/clubs and Health as optional. That's the best way to test if users like it or not. You (Duolingo) will know exactly how many people opted to use Leaderboards and how many chose to remain in Clubs. Same goes with Health. Moreover, there should be a period in which users can switch back to clubs or turn off Health.

I would personally love to test both (never used Health, although on iOS), but I would like the option to go back to Clubs or turn off Health after I tested it.


yeah they should do that


I am upset that you, DUOLINGO, are eliminating our beloved clubs. Do you think, that competition against others is motivating? We want to discuss and share our thoughts with the friends of our club. Please, KEEP THE CLUBS ALIVE !!!


But will Duolingo listen instead of loving money


Purely speculation but ...

Maybe the new look, will look similar to what I can already see today, by reducing my browser width.

I can reduce right now the width of my Chrome browser at www.duolingo.com and get:

image with reduced width

And if I use DarkLingo++ then I get:

Using DarkLingo++ and reducing browser width


WOW! That darklingo looks great! Is it just for the mobile device, or can I also get it on my computer? Also, before I install it, do you mind posting a picture of what the lessons look like? One more question... can you uninstall it? or is it permanent?


darklingo++ is only for using with a web browser. I reduced the width of my Chrome browser to make it look like an application. You can probably do that right now with your browser without changing anything.

To make the page dark, I used darklingo++


You can also google:


I read about Darklingo++ today here Ready to take your language training to the next level? Meet «Duolingo Advanced Learning

which states:

— The userscript is supported by «Darklingo++» Dark Theme by Justin Rowe.


I submitted my answers and thoughts using the provided form, than you for making that available, I hope you will take into account what was written by everyone who took the time to submit.

I am grateful for duolingo, it is am amazing service


Isn't it strange that they're making a poll ? I thought that Luis van Ahn didn't want to listen to the users anymore ... (I also submitted my answers of course nevertheless )


Now, I am a relatively new user to Duolingo, but I thought I should share my opinion on these changes, while also offering a few suggestions.

To begin with, I actually quite like the new design. Of course, this is personal preference, and as I said, I’m sort of new to Duolingo so I didn’t really get to know the old one. For suggestions, I’ve seen a lot of people asking for a dark mode, and I think that would be a really great feature to implement. I also have seen other people’s complaints about trophies and adding back the scarves would be awesome. I personally think the scarves would look really cute on the new trophies.

Secondly, health. I have Duolingo online and on my phone, so I’ve been able to get both experiences. I personally find health very annoying, but I do like the feature of gaining your health back through quizzes that allow you to practice more. My suggestion for this is to not have health, but rather a system where Duolingo sees the things you have trouble with and gives you occasional practice quizzes to help you become stronger with that skill. I know there are the checkpoints and Duolingo has progress quizzes for Plus users, and they may already have this practice quiz for just the skill for Plus users (I don’t know, I’m not a Plus user), but I think the practice quizzes would be a better alternative to the Health system. Learning languages is hard, so you should be supported rather than being penalized and/or having to spend extra money/lingots.

Last is just a note. I really love the Stories feature available online, (along with a couple other online features) and I think it would be awesome if Duolingo could add it to the mobile app. Reading little stories or listening to podcasts or other stuff like that is a great way to learn a language, so it make it accessible for the users on the go!

I think what Duolingo is doing is great. Being multilingual is a really awesome skill to have, and making learning free is even better, but there is always room for improvement. If you guys have any comments or other suggestions, feel free to leave them down below!


You can access the Stories in the web browser on your mobile device.


I know you don't listen, Helpful Duo (is the community manager still active?), but still:

The thread about Adjusting XP for testing out has shown that there are two groups of people: one group likes the leaderbords, the other people like to compete against themselves, not against others, and who feel punished due to the "loss" of XPs.

Why not let us choose: either opt for the leaderbord (and then get no XP for testing out) or opt out of the leaderbord (and then get full XP for testing out)?

To say something good: I like that courses are aligned to CEFR and that course contributors get more rights (I hope it doesn't mean that they have to work even more than now).


Would you please explain:

  • What is a Progress Quiz?

  • How does one use a Progress Quiz?

  • How often can one take a Progress Quiz?

  • Does the quiz only test you on what skills you have already learned?

  • Is it so simple that everyone passes?

  • Or is the quiz, more challenging, like a test that you took in college, and at the end of the test, you wished that you had studied more?

Please don't tell us, that it is like something that Duolingo used to do, because many of us are newcomers, and are not interested in what could have been done in other years.


The progress quiz tests you on all the material in the course you are taking. I haven't taken it myself so I can't say how hard it is or how often you can take it.


It seems to be testing me on things that I haven't learned yet.


Yes, it tests you on the entire course.


It tests you on the entire course. You can take it as many times as you want. It is only useful if you are at least halfway through the tree and want to gauge your progress.


But I still have the feeling that you didn't take into account our progress in French and Spanish, so I lost my Golden owl in both. Especially in French I have to repeat so boring easy lessons, because I got it twice so far, after losing it by the upgrades! I cannot understand why.


I lost my French and Spanish owls, too. :-(


Could the color for new vocabulary and words be changed from the current like light orange-yellow to some other contrasting color? It is difficult to see it sometimes especially if there is blue-light blocker on the screen.



I agree with you.

With the usage of f.lux or any other blue light filter and dimmer software

  • the red text on red background (errors, review panel) and
  • green text on green background (alternative solution, missing accents, review panel)

as well as new words are not the very great ideas.

Have you tried the newer "Dark schemes"?



Are notifications on the website also part of the April update? My browser asked about allowing notifications for duolingo.com a few days ago for the first time.

On that subject, it seems that notifications in French use "tu", which, at least for me, feels like we're treated like little children and being spoken to in baby talk (I'm way closer to 40 than 5). "tu" is also used by some websites and ads in French when business people try to understand teenagers by addressing them as if they were their close friends... and completely fail. I don't think you want to convey that.

Since Duolingo is used by many people of all ages, I think it would be better to switch to "vous". I don't use Duolingo's UI in French, but if "tu" is used anywhere else on the website or the app to talk to the user, I would make the same comment.

I've disabled notifications, which sort of solves the problem for me, but I wanted to share so that the staff has a chance to know how it can be perceived.


I don't like the implementation of the leaderboards. This is the lame excuse for XP test out cap which I find very demotivational on languages that I already have background knowledge in. So much so that I completely stopped learning those languages on Duolingo.


Please don't take away the clubs and bring them back for those of us whom you've forced to use the leaderboards instead.


Duolingo: "I can't hear you..."


Please do not take the clubs away!!!


Please, don’t remove the clubs. I find them very useful. Why not have both options?


Duolingo can't. Duolingo doesn't want to do that, unlike SimCity!


Please don't eliminate clubs. Rather make communicating in them more flexible! Por favor!


Please don't get rid of clubs!!!


Hey Duolingo, thank you for the app, it’s been amazing...however, the things that make it amazing are about to go away and this is a shame. Please don’t mess with the “CLUBS”... this gives a learner like me a great way to interact with people learning the same language as me all around the world. It is a true community and helps encourage more efficient learning. I was forced into Leaderboards after a recent update and I can tell you my motivation to use the app suffered. I missed the interactions with my awesome group and the leader of our group Aman truly cared. He actually found me on LinkedIn and helped me get out of leaderboards and back to my Club!! Please don’t kill this feature it’s what makes Duolingo the best.


that’s a club admin that really cares! such a pity indeed


Why do Android users have to have the health system!?!

  • 583

Health is an asenine concept designed to make duo seem more like a conventional mobile game, but all it really does is hinder language learning, which is sorta dumb considering that Duolingo is a language learning app. Thank goodness web will be spared from that.


I remember hating Duolingo years ago because the hearts made you fail. Now I LOVE it with the practice until you get it correct method. If you bring back negative reinforcement I would probably not enjoy it as much.


If you click on the "Health" link in the original post it says Health is "better for learning."

Who is responsible for this and what is wrong with them?

EDIT: I can't type.


Health is "better for learning."

How is punishing users for making mistakes a good idea when they are learning a new language and are not expected to know much of the language?


It's like having someone take a test about a topic that they know nothing about and punishing them for not knowing a single thing


"Duo works in mysterious ways."


''Better for profit*'' fixed it


"Health is an asenine concept designed to make duo seem more like a conventional mobile game"

No, health is an asinine concept designed to make duo money. Plus users get a health shield.


I don't know this health system. After reading the help, it was set up so that learners would not simply go ahead to earn more XP's and lingots, but would not have internalized what they had learned.

I do not yet understand from the context what is wrong with it.


The Health system punishes you for getting questions wrong. After you get so many wrong, you are not allowed to study until your health replenishes. How are you supposed to learn if you don't make mistakes?


The Health system is a stupid idea. Why is banning users from studying for making mistakes acceptable?


If the feeling arises that you are being punished for making mistakes, this is of course not a good motivation.

However, if you make so many mistakes, but progress further and further, for example to be able to keep up with the others, is it also questionable whether what you have learned is really there?


On your second paragraph, that's why health is a good idea in theory.

In practice, MANY valid answers are marked incorrect. This happens particularly often in new and recently updated courses. Being able to make mistakes without penalty is important for course quality because submitting translations that were wrongly marked incorrect is how the courses improve. If they put up a roadblock after a certain number of mistakes, they'll get less indication of where amendments to the courses are needed.


It would be okay if it regenerated in any reasonable amount of time. It takes HOURS per heart. I use my phone at night to do a few lessons before bed. I usually can only get in 2-3 lessons before my health is lost. And then I get a notification late the next day that it's finally regenerated.

It makes you paranoid. I "cheat" (hover over the words, etc) way more on the phone, because I'm worried about losing health. It would be better for me to try what I think it is, get it wrong, and then learn from my mistake.


It takes HOURS per heart.

That is going to draw many people away from the apps and discourage people from learning.

It makes you paranoid. I "cheat" (hover over the words, etc) way more on the phone, because I'm worried about losing health.

People are going to get anxiety because of the Health system.


I am a terrible test taker and Duolingo just stresses me out so much more than is necessary. Honestly, part of the reason I clicked a cute owl to be part of my language learning was that cute things make me relaxed lol.


But you can practice to restore health? That’s what I usually do when my health gets low.


It discourages learners from making any progress in their learning and encourages them to pay Duolingo money to actually use the app for it's purpose, learning languages.


I'm probably going to delete the app now because of that.


I keep the app around, it's nice to have on occasion if you're traveling and want to do a lesson to keep up your streak. Or if you're somewhere bored and want to do a couple. You can usually get through 1-3 before your health goes away.

But it certainly isn't my main method, and health is the reason why.


We should protest when the Android app gets Health. I think of deleting the app or prevent it from updating if it comes out.


Already there, deleted my app ages ago. Suck on that Duolingo.


I usually do anyway. I've been considering deleting the app for awhile now, and this news just tipped me over the edge.


Web is much better anyways. I can type much faster on a keyboard than on a touch screen :D


Web is much better anyways.

The apps always lacks most of the features web has.


I can say the translation much faster with talk to text, and get extra practice in saying things (with a voice system that is probably more accurate than Duolingo‘s) on the phone.


Well time to un install the app and i will quit completely if it comes on the web version


@Kally_Tacker - Why should only iOS users be blessed with this!?! :)))) We've had it for a long time now and apparently it's a smashing ''success" :)))))

On a more serious note, I am sorry you will have to suffer through it. All I can say is you're going to get used to it - thus proving (at least in Duolingo's mind) it's a success.


Nuh uh. I'll use the website, and if that gets the health system I'll find another service. And if I can't find one I'll move to Germany.


I LOVE your attitude :))))) Let's hope they don't bring it to the website.


I deleted the app off my iPad and just moved to three seperate apps because of the health system.

It's a success because it makes them a load of cash because you need to pay to keep learning at all. That's why it's a success. Not because it helps anyone learn.


Same here. Started Rosetta Stone last night. My main issue with Duolingo isn't even the health thing (which does seem terrible). It's that they won't fix the glitch on the website that affects Android users. Had a 200-day streak, but starting from scratch with what seems to be a better product.


Thanks for the above feedback option Duolingo!


Will the lab features from web come to the IOS app?


WHY ARE THERE NO TIPS AND NOTES FOR ALL LANGUAGES IN THE APP sorry for capital letters I just think this is so annoying


For German and Japanese I have some tips and notes very early on. I think they're working on implementing them.


I know but you would think it would be higher on their priorities than health on Android


Welcome to Duolingo.


although I agree about the relative priority, I suspect that these are two different teams working on this - app structure vs adding content to specific languages, so working on one doesn't necessarily detract resources from the other.


^^^THIS OMG! it sucks you can't re-read your theory on the lesson on the go :/


Ich möchte das in deutsch lesen, kann den Text aber leider nicht für den Übersetzer kopieren


On a more positive note, i am delighted to hear that you are aligning the courses with the CEFR, and hope to see this done for more courses in future. The combo bonus system is also a nice touch.


Dear Duolingo, Please restore clubs. Sincerely, My club


It's not a good idea to stop or replace the clubs, without my cosy english club I wouldn't be here anymore


"Helpful Duolingo" cheerfully announces that clubs will be happily erased! No Clubs = Ka-CHING! $$$


Yay, Duo is dancing!


Question: Is CEFR also going to roll out to Portuguese? I read elsewhere that it was, but it's not mentioned here on the list of new CEFRed courses.

I was hoping when I found the post that by some unexpected miracle there would be an Arabic-related announcement. Alas... One can always dream...


@Boujleba @staff

Quote: Question: Is CEFR also going to roll out to Portuguese?

Hopefully not?!?

According to the other CEFR thread it is already available for the Portuguese->English (from Portuguese) course with its 108 skill tree.

This newer A/B tree was rolled out to me recently and I am OK with it for being a reverse tree (where I do not really need English grammar skills).
If you (staff) roll out a CEFR A2 update to make this PT->EN tree longer like the Spanish->English course has it already with 151 skills and 571 lessons I am also OK with it: https://duome.eu/es/en


Thankfully the "CEFR update" (or shall I say reduction compared to the French contributor tree3 with 96 skills which was so nicely layouted by "grammar skills" or how the English->Italian course also does it professionally) is currently not on the 91 skill English->Portuguese (from English) forward course.
And I definitely hope that it is NOT coming to this (my) Portuguese course (from English) which is so well designed grammar-wise?!!

I said it once, twice, probably thrice in other threads:
(I) We are mainly here on Duolingo to learn GRAMMAR, not exclusively vocabulary!!

Several users and I do not only want theme-oriented vocabulary layouted skills with a ZERO clue what exactly hides behind some category topics, but we need:

Additionally dedicated "grammar skills" in PARALLEL to be able to re-strengthen and selectively practice advanced grammar skills and verb tenses (e.g 4x Subjunctive skills) by leveling up the crown levels.


If my Portuguese (from English) tree gets this CEFR "update" too, all existing workaround approaches and strategy concepts will be corrupted and nullified and instead I would have to look for other resources.


I can go to 3rd party flashcard sites to learn vocabulary which works much better with a proper spaced repetition interval (e.g short-term 4-12h, 1-6 days,...) and a daily "classic review" by RECALLING in the L1 English -> L2 target language with an empty text field with typing (classic reviews: pictures, multiple-choice,.. are turned OFF).

This was my feedback to the French "Changes ahead for tree transitions" thread, but staff and community managers do not seem to read and respond to any posts: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29156220$comment_id=31458321

I am fine with "vocabulary / theme skills" which use some real-life phrases and are added AFTER formal introduction "grammar skills" which additionally could randomly throw into grammar mixed from previously learned "grammar skills" where nice "tips and notes" are available on the web portal.


I agree, the Italian course is much better than the new French one, and the old French one was much better too (I think I was on tree 2).

I'm doing it offline now, and checking to see if it changed before going back online, I'm that worried about losing my current italian tree.


Can't speak for French but I think the new Spanish tree is better. And the new "vocabulary" themed skills usually sneak in some new grammar too.



Quote: And the new "vocabulary" themed skills usually sneak in some new grammar too.

Yes, they are ok with their used sentences / phrases for later PRACTICE.

But to teach formal grammar with given "tips and notes" and pesky Romance verb conjugations, tenses and conjunctions the other "learning approach" did not hurt either?!

At least I can select those relevant skills manually for a re-strengthen session.

This looks to be more effective than not knowing exactly what skill to choose or level up for learning something more formally or to work on my weak Portuguese/Romance grammar points.


This is disappointing, although i haven't yet explored enough of the new French tree to compare for myself.

Surely they shouldn't be cutting perfectly good skills? That makes no sense.


Ditto for german!


Android and iOS are going to get more similar: Leaderboards and Health will start rolling out to new users on the mobile platforms that did not previously have them;

I will seriously consider deleting the Android app permanently from my phone or future phones/tablets, or refuse to update it if you bring Health to Android. Many people on iOS who currently have the health system hate it and it is punishing them for learning new languages (making mistakes and making a lot of them is part of the learning process). Why do you think it is acceptable to punish users for making mistakes and prevent them from studying because of that? And why do you make people wait hours until they could study again after "running out of health"? That page where you outline the "benefits" of health is a load of nonsense and doesn't provide any true justification for bringing this system to the apps. The Health system is sort of like a punishing "tax" where people get charged for no reason, but it is there to antagonize them and make the person in power who imposed it "look good" and this is what you are doing.

The Health system is the WORST decision you could ever come up with and it will force many people to uninstall the app from both iPhone/iPad and Android devices and cause you to lose ad revenue. No one wants to use a system where they are punished for trying to learn, and this system "discourages" people from learning something new. You make me and many people on Duolingo very angry because of this decision, and ruin the experience for us. You already enraged the iOS base which is one large fraction (half I suppose) of users on Duo, and now you will enrage the other half of users who are on Android.

At least I made a .apk backup of the Duolingo app before this Health update even comes out, so I can avoid the Health update and prevent the app from updating automatically.

I will be mostly using the web/mobile site only from now on. If you bring this to the web I will quit this site entirely until you get rid of it for good.


Will the stories section from web come to the IOS app?


Just got the bonus XP for combos feature on the web version. This is awesome, thanks! :)


Finally, points for combos on PC. That's the first good news from Duo I've heard in a while. Being 'encouraged' on to the word bank-only mobile app for the extra combo points was starting to kill the motivation.


I miss the Lessons format where we could choose to focus on which words we want more practice with.

I also really need a return of the verb tense tables that show us when to use which form of a word, such as verstehe, verstehen, etc.


Hey helpful duo. You know what would be great? Getting the full xp amount. That would be great! Oh yeah, and not having leaderboards crammed down my throat. That'd be great two. How about you stop swindling us and give us our proper xp


Can't you see?! Duolingo wants that good ol' ¥€$$$


Oh! I did like my Turkish club


In this whole list of changes, there is one other significant change that you failed to notify us about: the baffling replacement of precise lesson numbers with vague percentages, and percentages on skills increasing when you do one particular skill. What on earth is that about?

I am not against change per se, and I appreciate that you need to make some changes to stop the site from getting stale. One recent change I do like is the XP bonus, which rewards good performance in a skill. I certainly don't think you have nefarious motives for your changes, and I also understand that you can't please everyone all the time.

HOWEVER, not all changes are good or sensible. Some are more detrimental than beneficial. You may have made them with the best of intentions, but all the same, they make the user experience worse, not better. A classic example of such a detrimental change is this alteration of lesson numbers to percentages. It has upset a LOT of people. Just see the thread I made about it and try to grasp how much bafflement and anger there is over this change.

There are two reasons for this anger, I think - certainly on my part, but from what I've read, on the part of others upset with the change as well. The first reason, as alluded to above, is that the change makes the user experience worse rather than better. Many people, including me, like to plan their study time based on the number of lessons. Before, we could do that. Now, we cannot, at least not without doing one lesson (from which we can calculate the number of lessons left from the percentage - but why should we be forced to do that?) The second reason is that you have given absolutely no notification about this change, and there is no clear rhyme or reason for it.

Most of the respondents to my thread, and I myself, would be happy with a compromise solution: both the lesson number AND percentage to be shown. If you were to do that, I think the Duolingo users affected would forgive you. But just imposing the percentage on its own has been a bad move on your part. I'm sorry, but you've really dropped the ball with this particular change.

Again though, some changes you make are good. Some do improve the user experience (the bonus XP has improved the experience for me). I don't think you're evil incarnate or anything like that. But please understand that sometimes, with some changes, you mess up and really, REALLY upset people. Yes, you might get a few people grizzling about every change, but when a VERY LARGE NUMBER of people are complaining, surely that is time to actually listen and reverse the change, or at least implement the compromise solution suggested above? And by the way, the same applies to the XP cap, which also upset a very large number of your users. At least with that, you explained the reasoning. But did the cap have to be quite so drastic? What would have been wrong with making it 50-100 XP or something like that? Why as low as 20 XP? I really hope that with this too, you might consider a compromise.

The aforementioned criticisms notwithstanding, thank you for the hard work you put in to changing the site. Again, I realise you can't please everyone, but please at least reconsider those changes that upset a very large number of people, which is certainly the case with this percentage thing in the lessons.


You can use duo.me...

Replace your username where USERNAME is for information on your progress, the vocab, & the tips & notes, etc.: https://duome.eu/USERNAME/progress


Would like to opt out of leagues and return to clubs. I appreciate the community of people ( in the clubs) learning and supporting each other in the language they are learning.


What do they mean by "Bonus XP for combos is back"?


A chain of right answers in a row is called a combo, and if you are using a version with this feature, at the end of the lesson you are awarded extra XP for it.


I loved the fact I got 4 extra XP from getting 7 correct answers in a row. This is a nice update.


Tinycards has put new energy into my learning experience, and I feel if fills my need for retaining vocabulary better. I think it would be nice if Duolingo could closer integrate Tinycards. There is currently nowhere to discuss a translation or ask for a correction. Also, it would be better if Tinycards can be made to accept synonyms.



They have tested to integrate Tinycards more closely to Duolingo. Conclusion was negative.

Source: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28395815/Experiment-Add-to-Tinycards-from-Hints-in-Duolingo


Terrible update. Removing clubs is awful. I am hereby sacrificing my 377 day streak in protest and ceasing to use Duolingo. Goodbye.


Sacrificing streak is a bad idea!


Hello, I updated to the leaderboard and do not like it. I have no way to contact people any more. It is very sad. Best regards, Isabell.


Clubs were fun and we got to interact with other language learners. Leagues are boring serving no purpose or “ Club “ interaction and promotes cheaters as winners. My vote in “OWL” is Wooo Woo Wo .


Please bring back Duo clubs. I have lost my Duo friends now, and cannot communicate with them in French through Duo. We used to have daily conversations in the English-French club.


Keep the interactive clubs, they are what makes it feel more like an interactive, real learning experience similar to in a classroom. Taking them away just makes you like any old language learning app of which there are many.


Is duo just utterly deaf to the users' issues with the health system? It certainly seems that way to me.


Is duo just utterly deaf to the users' issues

Is that even a question at this point?


I haven't been a member of Duolingo long and maybe someone can explain it to me.

What I can't quite understand in the whole discussion about the health system, but also about the shutting down of the clubs, has this already been asked before and has resulted from this that most people wish for this?

Because if this is not the case, Duolingo's approach seems strange to me. First implement something and then ask if users like it, especially if it means for existing clubs to be removed.

So, briefly asked, how does Duolingo come up with the features she wants to implement or change? Were there any polls on this before?


Yes me too, i have only recently rejoined duolingo and i am confused on the new additives to this.


From what I hear (I use the web version) the health system is available on the iOS app and is now being applied to the Android app. At the moment Duo says there is no plan to apply it to the web but this may change.

A google search for 'duolingo health system' shows results from the forums from 2017 !!!


Health system has been on android for a long time already. It is not an enjoyable system so I hope they don't add it to the web version, it just disrupts your learning honestly




Duolingo is deaf to issues in general, not just issues involving the health system.


It just seems a bit schizophrenic for 'helpful duo' to brightly and happily tell us about all these wonderful things happening, while completely ignoring the screaming and wailing of frustrated users. I'd understand it more if we were not given these lovely little propaganda messages, and they just ignored us entirely, tbh.


Duolingo is deaf to issues in general

Just like people in government and almost every company, organization out there.


It seems as if any Duo product manager knows far better what is good for us than we do. They will keep thinking that way until they drive us away in droves.

Soon they may limit us to only learning 20 words, and then we have to pay, like a certain other language learning site I know of.


But other apps already do this... take drops which limits you to 5 minute lessons before you've got to pay. It is a crap system for people who want to put time into their learning, but it makes them money so they couldn't care.


It's just about money.
Duolingo Plus contains a "Health shield"


That makes more sense now!


I think they just force stupid Health onto all of us to make us subscribe to Duolingo Plus while ruining free education for everyone.


They just want to get as much money out of us as possible no matter what we say. Simple as that.


They say that "Health discourages binging behaviour"

I'm going to be blunt - it is none of your business as to how I learn languages. Restricting my ability to learn will just make me look elsewhere for language resources - it is precisely why I refuse to use other apps such as Drops. If I want to spend 5 hours learning because my brain can handle it, that's my prerogative.

Also, when you penalise people for simple typos, it is even more reprehensible.

I am not a child, and if you implement Health on the web app I will stop using Duolingo, and I will be telling everyone (which includes a sizeable language learning Discord server of which I am one of the staff there) not to use your service. It's really that simple. And I think a lot of people will do the same thing.


On the binging point, it makes sense to slow down the people who come to Duolingo with no prior knowledge and who need solid reinforcement before moving forward, but that's way too restrictive for everyone else. In theory, someone with prior knowledge wouldn't be hindered by the health system because they wouldn't make so many errors in a lesson they should move forward after, but the courses aren't perfect and many correct answers are marked wrong.

As the health system expands, I fear for the future quality of courses because knowledgeable users are a big part of quality control. When courses are released or updated, the new material often contains errors and doesn't accept many perfectly correct answers. When a knowledgeable user encounters one of these problems, they get the question wrong and can report it. If they're hindered by a "three strikes-you're out" rule, they're not able to report as many problems, so the problems go unfixed for longer.


I started with no prior knowledge of Swedish.

I learned by experimenting with the language, which means lots of mistakes - which is how any proficient learner will thrive in their target language.


To be frank, I've been with duolingo for a very long time now and been a host for almost 2 years and my biggest complain always is lack of communication. There are always questions on "why this" or "how does this", that come up during our meetings and at least for me, I am usually just shaking my head saying: I dont know, I'll ask, I wish I knew, I have no clue. Yes we are just volunteers but if we are to expand on the work and mission of Duolingo we ought to know what the seven deuces is going on. It does not look good when a student asks me: why is clubs going away? and I have absolutely no clue why! I didn't even know it was! Please, communicate better, explain how certain things work and why? I've had people asking me what is the "plus", why do I want "plus", and as an almost 2 year long host I dont know! I can't answer that! Same thing with health issues, or "why is the browser version so different than the app" or "why are clubs going away" or "what is replacing clubs" or ..... most definitely frustrating. And finally, answering: oh you need to start reading the forums" is not a good enough answer. As a volunteer, i already dedicate enough "free" hours for Duolingo without having to dig for days into a forum.



I know one good answer to question why browser and app versions are so different: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31769746/Cross-Platform-Standardization


If the health system is a problem, just use the web. You can legit fail as much as you want, but you will learn better because you do not have to get dissapointed because you lost your health, and do not have to fear of loosing your streak. :)


The problem is not the health system, the problem is duo ignoring their users' complaints. If things continue going like this, health system will be implemented to the web version soon.


I thought I was safe because I didn't have health on the website........ Obviously not.

[deactivated user]

    And when they force Health onto the web?


    The more people dislike it the sooner, apparently.


    If they bring health to web, I'm quitting Duo for good.



    did it not used to be on web?

    The heart system used to be on the website. This merely set a higher bar for completing any given lesson, but did not limit the number of attempts to do so within a given time period, nor try to coerce users to buy freemium currency to overcome this artificial obstacle.

    Whether or not one is of the opinion that this was better or worse than the current system, it was nothing at all like the 'health system'.

    'Health' looks to me very much like a ploy to turn DL into a freemium/subscription-model service by stealth.
    Removing functionality and then offering it back to users for a fee is, by definition, no longer the '100% free, now and forever' software I was promised when I signed up.


    Same. In fact...did it not used to be on web? I seem to recall that's why I left Duo in the first place, years back...


    That's when they'll really feel the consequences of ignoring users, its one thing to change the design, take away scarves, make the website an eyesore, reset bits of progress in some courses, it's a whole other thing to limit the learning we do on here, the health system is probably the very last thing people want, so if it gets to the web version, well I sure hope people make them feel it, I already struggle to stay consistent on here, the health system will just really push me away personally


    Please, reconsider using the health system! It really seems like a terrible idea and I am NOT looking forward to it.


    I belong to two excellent clubs, Italian and English. I presume I need to start saying goodbye to two groups of good friends, not to mention an excellent means of using these languages on a friendly, daily basis. What does it mean "Follow your club-friends this month"? Words simply fail me...


    And 'helpful duo' is helpfully telling us to start 'following' our friends in the club this month. You know, that 'follow' mechanism that provides absolutely no way to communicate.

    It seems that the the concept of 'a community' of language learners is merely competing in leagues, according to Duolingo. :(

    I'm considering setting up a forum for our club. It's not difficult to do.


    Zig Zag. Hmm, tis worrying. I think we should allow our founder, Max, to make any arrangements for us as he and I have worked hard to form this club. Let's see what happens. Nel frattempo...


    I agree with you Linda, you and Max have worked hard but I am fearful that as a non-FB user I will still find myself without access to the club. Just in case we lose touch may I say thanks to both you and Max for all your hard work, help and your friendship and to everyone else for theirs. Gena.


    Hello Linda, Zig_Zag_Wanderer and Ifphigenia,
    I am sorry to hear about the loss of clubs. Perhaps you can install discord and use it as I do now with my duo friends. It took me only a few days (hours) to get used to it but now I am very happy to have the opportunity to chat with them. :-))


    Maybe you guys can make a whats app group or something.


    Completely agree with you Linda. I have club members that fought to come back to our club after they were put in a leaderboard. Clubs allow fellowship and encouragement and you still have the ability to compete against people that Are not complete strangers.

    Your words sum it up. “Words simply fail me.”


    Redsed. We can but hope. Thanks for your support and kind words.


    Linda, based on feedback so far within our group, we are likely to set up a closed facebook group to pick up where Duolingo drops off. Your group may wish to think about the same. I don't like it, particularly since I don't use facebook, but I love the support and encouragement that we get within our group. I would hate to lose that! I wish you the very best!!


    How about you make a group on any social media platform, and post the link in the club and add your friends to it, so that you all wouldn't lose what you have, cause I would be very upset to lose something very special like that tbh


    This is such an excellent idea!


    Chadkey. Thank you.


    Clubs are definitely a great part of Duolingo. Of course we can use forums to help us, but it's not the same. With clubs, you could at least communicate with people who were learning the same language as you were, and everyone could help each other out. I'm gonna miss them :(


    Non sono felice sulla abolizione dei clubi. Scrivo un messaggio di feedback colla mia opinione:



    Ciao Thomasco. Ho completo la forma di feedback. Mamma mia...


    Ho completato il form di/del feedback.


    Necro. Thanks. Anger clouded my grammar!


    Non sono felice dell'abolizione/rimozione dei club. Ho scritto un messaggio di feedback con la mia opinione.


    I've been using Duolingo just for a month and I haven't had the opportunity to use the Clubs but they sound so great. I don't like that the people I compete with are total strangers and they change every week! They change even if you stay in the same league! I really miss communication on this platform.. I would love to practice the language I learn and discuss difficulties. So, even I haven't experienced the clubs I'm against them being shut down!


    here is how to turn on the clubs before they’re gone: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31818832






    It would be great if you can add Slovak for english speakers. I already volunteered to help.


    Android and iOS are going to get more similar: Leaderboards and Health will start rolling out to new users on the mobile platforms that did not previously have them

    If you do this, I will quit Duolingo. You appeared to have started removing it from iOS. Please reconsider this decision. Nobody likes Health and you know it.


    It really is remarkable, I can't think of another product that has tried so hard to alienate its users.


    At first I thought that leaderboards was just a harmless update but lol


    ...and now, it marked the end of clubs as we knew it...


    No Duolingo doesn't know it


    What do you guys mean by "leaderboards are coming soon to the web"? Do you mean "soon" as in a couple of days or "soon" as in a couple of months?


    After finishing the Hebrew tree twice, and being very optimistic about finishing the Spanish tree, this is a huge horror and disappointment.

    If they seriously implement the health system, I'll be getting rid of Duolingo and re-rating it from five starts to one star.

    Free language app? I KNEW it wouldn't last.

    Besides, Im part of a very active friendly club. I didn't understand what you meant, but if you mean to say that you're getting rid of that as well, bye Felicia. You were good while you lasted.


    It's nice to hear that Duolingo is now CEFR aligned! I was wondering if Duolingo might consider allowing to retake the checkpoint tests? I feel like they are a very useful way to practice the grammar and vocab of an entire section. Of course, you can practice each tile separately, or use the general 'practice' button. But I feel it would be very useful to be able to go back to every checkpoint to retake the test and check you still understand everything that came above it, without having to redo each tile!


    It'll be good if Duolingo let's ya retake a Placement test


    Somebody in our fantastic Spanish club created a new dummy account. He had a look at the leaderboards. It is something about 5 different levels with a system that nobody above 21 years can understand, unless he is a gamer. Well all in our club agree that this does not enhance our progress at all. But the interaction with human beings, not gaming robots, the information , the cultural exchange and last but not least the corrections we get from native speakers.. how is that not an important part of learning?

    In case you haven't seen it. Here is my petition https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31865858/Save-our-clubs.


    I’m well over 21, not a gamer, and understand the league system. Although I agree with you that clubs are much better.


    Where can we find the XP levels now? Were they moved somewhere else or did you get rid of them completely?


    In the Achievements pane on the Learn page, click on View More.


    Duolingo removed them completely.


    Wait a second. Why can't Duolingo just add forums to the app version? I mean, I know people can access it from the Safari browser on their phone, but (in my opinion) it's really weird accessing it from there. So why doesn't Duolingo add forums to the app? It'd be great (as long as they don't replace clubs)! I mean, we could all use our phones to communicate with each other, and we don't have to worry about the browser from our phone asking us to download the app, and -

    Oh wait. How silly of me! I totally forgot:

    Duolingo doesn't give a crap about our issues or suggestions anymore, does it?



    Why can't Duolingo just add forums to the app version?

    Mobile screens are smaller so everything shown in the mobile screen should be considered more carefully compared to desktop screens. Accessing forums is not also very effective method to learn anything (it eats your time). I don't see any reason why that icon would appear there.


    I mean, I wasn't trying to actually ask that, but still


    I just want to let people know, there are clubs for most/many of the Duolingo languages on Facebook. I'm in the Facebook Duolingo Hebrew learners group, and with the clubs closing I've also joined two Hebrew groups (They have other languages too) on Discord. To join the Hebrew groups, (There are others, I've yet to check them out however):

    invitation link: https://discord.io/hebrew And https://discord.gg/VYDA4r

    They're set up much better than Duolingo clubs - different areas for beginner, intermediate, advanced, native, help, exercises, music, etc.


    On May 19, Duolingo will kick everyone from clubs, remove the entire option, then replace it with a Leaderboard Competition.

    Duolingo wants to remove clubs because thanks to the maliciously malicious friends of ignoble Yogesh, Duolingo can only put one special feature at the same time.

    Duolingo chose Leaderboard Competition because it is a much more lucrative option. Why, you ask? In leaderboard competition, everyone must frantically do lessons (now the only viable option to earn XP) and every time you finish a lesson, you must watch an ad. And sometimes when an ad comes out, they trick you by replacing the X option with "Go Ad Free" and you unwittingly "went premium".

    Duolingo wants more money for themselves and their fellow advertising mates, face it.


    Please bring back the clubs!!!! Duolingo is SO MUCH LESS FUN without them!


    Bring back Clubs please, Duolingo.

    Seriously though, how is studying a lot 'binging' a language?


    Yeah, I still don't like the way Duo looks since the last update.


    If you think Duo looks bad you should see Memrise. After seeing that Duo looks beautiful.


    The new Memrise design is absolutely terrible. Period.


    By Duo I mean the bird. The old logo was perfect, the current one is just a blob with legs.


    I liked the design before the update. I don't like how cartoony and goofy Duo looks now as much as I liked the other one

    [deactivated user]


      You want to roll out Health to "discourage binging behavior" but you have implemented a Leagues/Leaderboard system which does nothing but promote binging behavior.

      Get your act together, Duo.

      Get rid of Leagues, revamp and update the Clubs mechanism to provide a more interactive and enriching learning experience, and above all get rid of the Health system.

      On a positive note, I like that you are aligning your courses to CEFR. Great news.


      Couldn't agree more. Health should be removed completely, not forced on the rest of us.


      I think they're only rolling it out because Duolingo premium would essentially be useless without it, since it hides ads AND gives unlimited health


      I agree with every single thing you said


      This sums up what everyone I know who uses Duo wants


      Couldn't agree more. Please bring back Duo clubs


      I noticed this! Why get rid of the Clubs in Mobile? They have a leaderboard in them, and are doing just fine. There's no need to mess with it. Its not doing anything wrong.


      Removing clubs will make it more difficult for users to connect with other learners, it's being replaced by leader boards to encourage binging and thus make them more money.


      All clubs are are pretty much jam-packed of positives. You meet others, you learn from others from the comfort of your own phone/computer. It improves your language speaking, even more than DuoLingos'language lessons (respectively). They also can give an array of diverse culture and tradition, as it is one of the few, if not the ONLY features that really feels personalized in an intimate setting


      Yes but I wish Duolingo actually listens


      Why do we still even try to attract attention? Can't we see it's all worthless? Can't we see that's duolingo is never gonna listen?


      I'm looking forward to the progress quiz!


      Keep in mind the progress quiz is only for Plus users.


      I hate the health idea. It limits my education and everyone elses. If we want to learn, we shouldn't have to wait four hours.


      I get so frustrated. A few mistakes and BAM, it makes you do it all over again. :(


      What if you don't want the Plus though?


      Or more to the point, what if you can't afford plus?


      Use www.duolingo.com in the browser of your phone or tablet instead of the App


      Use www.duolingo.com in the browser of your phone or tablet instead of the App


      The problem for Android users is that there's a glitch that the just won't fix online. The green/red answer bar now appears right over the text box so you can't check your answers. I've reported it everywhere but they just won't fix it.


      Have you already tried to use the desktop mode of your browser?
      Explanation for the Firefox app for Android


      Ah, ok thank you




      do you remember my comment from your previous "Introduction to Duolingo's redesign" thread and my fears that not everyone (adults) may like this UI and nothing will maybe work afterwards?: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29997264$comment_id=30000236

      Quote: we are getting close to the end of the month and have a ton of updates that we want to share with you

      The new web design update looks to be broken and freezes my firefox.exe CPU / high 50-60% load on Firefox V52.9.0esr (32-bit)!

      I answered here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31260127$comment_id=31852670

      And here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29997264$comment_id=31852849

      Quote: The top menu bar on web will get updated and look a little different, inspired by the app look

      Won't this break the quick "language course switcher" code hidden behind the flag left besides our avatar where you can jump from courses with a different base/source language back and forth?

      The previous UI web design was perfect as it was and gave us some time to "rest" from the stuff which is going on on the mobile apps.
      What is wrong with the current web top menu bar?
      It nicely fits my 1280x800 14.1" Laptop screen!

      Now you bring that "mobile app" look to the web and tweak it even more?

      Can we at least have the choice, as many users and I had requested before?
      Could we please have an old "full desktop site" design not to waste any space on external monitors?


      If your frontend UI design team is searching for new more useful tasks:

      • How about using the longer (full) skill names on the web? There is enough space on a full desktop screen! At least for a mouse hover over, please?
        Most (very) short skill names do not tell too much. I have to rely on Duome.eu to know what they mean.

      • adding filters (grammar, vocabulary, CEFR A1, A2, verb tenses) and explicity mark skills what category they fall into, e.g sort skills by "Verb:" prefix and full name, add those missing "Verb:" prefixes for those grammar skills in the frozen EN->PT course (updated June 2018, 91 skills) which dropped all prefixes on a few skills

      • tagging support for multiple skills (hot list, currently working on, etc.) to avoid scrolling in the tree "home" page; this is especially very important in longer French and Spanish CEFR trees with 156-159 skills!

      • adding full support for your "Home" page (with the tree) like the userscript "Duolingo course progress" had it once for strength bar filters

      There are so many useful old Python scripts which are dead since 2017, why can't your html programmer team not rewrite them for Scala and fully incorporate them into your frontend code?



      Maybe it's time to split up:

      • Duolingo

        • only made and moderated by paid staff
        • all users remain alpha and beta testers
      • An open source web version

        • only made and moderated by unpaid volunteers (web developers, course contributors and moderators)
        • voluntary alpha and beta testers
        • possibility to donate


      Maybe it's time to make an open app... it's a friggin' database of sentences already compiled by volunteers for free, with a forum attached.


      Absolutely nothing stops you from starting to build that open source web version today.


      I'll miss the clubs system . I made some friends :(


      To get back the Clubs tab in the Android or iOS app:

      Change your settings in

      • Enable clubs
      • in some accounts you need to disable "make my profile public"


      We'll miss it too... Unfortunately, it was a rather small feature with relatively high "cost" to maintain. My understanding is that clubs require a lot of moderation and support, and the usage stats does not justify the cost of keeping them available to a small number of users. By sharing what you loved about it (such as making some friends), we can take the better aspects of it and perhaps bring it back in a revised form. Sorry, Nick.Blank!


      Clubs is not a small feature.


      But clubs were really helpful for others!


      Clubs feel like a forgotten poorly thrown together idea rather than something that requires a lot of moderation and support.


      Thank you for sharing this with us, HelpfulDuo! I have been looking for the reasons why Clubs are being deleted. It literally took me DAYS just to find this answer, just because it is (or rather, was) so far down the page, and I don't have unlimited time to read the forums.

      Aren't clubs moderated by their admins, though? I know there are cases where an Admin deserts their club, but hopefully they are in the minority.

      I know that another problem with clubs is the high number of curious new members who join and then quickly desert them, taking up valuable space. It does take effort even on the part of volunteer admins to track and clean these members out, but there are those of us who do. Are these "dead" members taking up server space? Is that what makes Clubs expensive? I really don't understand where the "cost" is to you in Clubs. Knowing might help us understand your decision to discontinue them.

      This post makes me hopeful that maybe the reason you are telling us to follow our friends is that you are hoping to build a Leaderboard system in the future where we can join our existing friends on the same board, or maybe even take a different approach to bringing Clubs back at some future point. Or, that maybe the Leaderboards will be restructured in such a way that they will begin to resemble the old clubs again. It took me a week of being angry about losing clubs to see that you, @HelpfulDuo, are really trying to be helpful here, but people aren't listening to certain parts of what you're saying because (a) they are too angry, and you as a representative of Duolingo are catching the brunt of that in the form of downvotes, or (b) they literally haven't made it this far down the page. Just look at how few responses there are to this comment, as compared to the top of this page, which sees so much more traffic. It must feel like slamming your head into a wall of downvotes. I hope that you're even able to see this response, given that a week has passed since your original comment!

      A few suggestions: Why not charge a monthly fee of X lingots to be in a club? Those who don't pay could be auto-programmed to be removed from the club. Those of us who enjoy the clubs would manage to find a way to 'pay' for our (free) subscriptions every month. Also, perhaps you might need to have a set number of existing members to start a new club? Just a few thoughts with an eye towards the future... :-)


      WHAT?! MONEY?!!? TO BE IN A CLUB?!!? THAT IS SO *** RIDICULOUS well at least it's better than no club at all


      Not money to be in a club. Lingots. Which we get for free anyway. There is a big difference.


      finally, a place to spend lingots for!


      Exactly! It's not as if we have much else to do with our lingots. Why not put them to good use? :-)


      sometimes... we cant control things... its fate. I guess we shall see what we shall see.


      No, you didn't do the moderation. The moderation was fine by volunteer admins. Doesn't cost you a cent. We don't need your daily animation. The questions are repetitive and the same in every language. So just drop that. You dropped the points for contributions in the clubs anyhow. So don't give us the cost thing, we are not believing it. Support? Where did you support the clubs? You took away the descriptions, the points and all the linguistics is done by volunteers, again. Why don't you stop the useless updates instead? All they do is ram leaderboards down people's throat. They serve zero purpose, save spending on that. We don't need the same sentenced at a start of a lesson either. Dump that and we all save money and time


      Anita, moderators are volunteers, but we very often have to escalate problems to the paid staff. There were many issues the paid staff had to deal with in clubs. Your club may be well behaved, but not all of them are. So they were indeed costly.

      I'm not paid staff. I didn't use clubs or leagues and have no vested interest in either.


      yeah, just keep apologizing like it can do any good.


      I don't care about leaderboards or health systems as long as I am not forced to use them. What if I just want to use Duolingo to learn on my own like I have so far? Or will these updates push me into learning in a way Duolingo says is best?


      @PotatoSanta: luckily we have Duome.eu.


      Response from https://duome.eu/thebrain: Something went wrong... Possible reasons: no response from DL server; username doesn't exist, or maybe thebrain simply doesn't feel like sharing any details with anyone.


      I really don't understand why you're trying to fix something that's not broken. Keep leaderboard optional and the health feature limited to the test-outs for all the platforms. =/


      Wow that’s an amazing idea!


      Yeah, we all knew that, it's just if Duolingo turns its head or not, in this case, most certainly not lol


      Anyone else annoyed that the green/red answer bar now covers the text box (at least on my Android and my Kindle)? Makes it impossible to check against your answers, which is, you know, how you learn. I've reported it on these boards, Facebook and their "bug" link, but not fixed and no response. I have a 200-day French streak and don't want to start from scratch but am now seriously looking into other products.


      Yes!!! I used to be able to slide it out of the way so I could see my answer; that is no longer possible.


      Why isn't there any combo bonus on the website? It kind of makes it obligatory to study only on the phone...

      [deactivated user]

        Do you guys just ignore user feedback altogether? Most users don't like Health.


        Duo is completely deaf and blind to user's complaints about forcing in unpopular changes. Duo is a huge disappointment to me and everyone here, and it disgusts me.


        Disappointment? If it's a disappointment, why have you been using it for so long?


        No, if definitely isn't. It may be to you, but don't ascribe your opinions to everyone. As for me, it works perfectly well!

        [deactivated user]

          How 'bout we start an "Anti-health" protest?


          Just me?



          I am on board.


          makes salute Here, Sir/Ma'am/insert honorific non-binary term here! Drawn and ready!


          Is iPhone ever going to get the weekend amulet/the costumes that android has? I want the cape, please!


          I think it's great that you want to make the iOS and the Android apps more similar; it has always seemed bizarre that the features were different between them. But please don't do this by taking the mistakes of one platform (Health) and moving them to the others, thus making the others worse. As an android user I'm already disincentivized from using the app to practice since the new design was implemented making everything so ugly and childish, but if health is added I'll likely quit using the app completely.


          Aargh! These are NOT improvements! They are useless! They are annoying and have no practical purpose, in particular Health! Why do you write this in a positive manner!


          Why do you write this in a positive manner!

          Duolingo likes making themselves feel good while ignoring the negative feedback of us users who object to changes that we don't like or ruin the learning experience.


          I like how Duo's gonna pretend hindering progress is out of concern for the users rather than pushing their Plus membership, which has a health shield. Uninstalling on mobile, good luck with your ad revenue loss DL


          Thanks for The update, Duo!


          Hooray, Duo! Thanks for listening to 0.001% of the audience and replacing Clubs and lingots with maliciously dumb health and leaderboards and gems


          I haven't been on Duolingo in a long time, so please don't attack me if I get any information wrong:

          Why do we need the health system, exactly? I know it's encouraging people not to get answers wrong, but it's hurting people that way. Imagine going to school where if you get five answers wrong, you automatically fail a class and have to retake it a day later, all from the beginning. It's not really teaching people anything, because (I know this sounds cliché) making mistakes is a part of learning, but that means people should LEARN from their mistakes. By starting from the beginning of a lesson, getting everything wrong and restarting the entire thing, it kind of pressures people into getting the right answer ALL THE TIME. They might not take much information in and just answer for the sake of answering.

          Then there's the streak. Yes, learning a language is important, but it's not fair that when we lose a streak we have to pay a bunch of money just to repair it. Remember the point I made about people just answering for the sake of answering? That kind of applies to the streaks, since some people have to stress about doing Duolingo every day. Again, they might rush and not take in as much information, making the language learning process possibly longer than usual.

          I'm not trying to say to take away these things, exactly, but at least improve them so people don't have to stress over language learning as much. Again, I haven't been on Duolingo for a long time, and these are just my thoughts, so please don't attack me on this.


          Mistakes are definitely a part of learning, it doesn't sound cliché at all.


          "Leaderboards are in the process of replacing Clubs"

          Woah, woah, woah, hold up. Why DO leaderboards need to replace clubs, exactly? I'm pretty sure the clubs were doing JUST FINE. In clubs, we could at least stay connected to a small amount of people and help each other, whereas with leaderboards, we literally just compare our scores! Not exactly helping!

          "But you could go on discussions and-" Bro if you think I'm going to look through 500+ messages...



          Since you are responding, I would love for you to see this and respond as well.

          In terms of the health issue.

          It is the SINGLE worst part of the service. It is terrible. It is the reason I stopped using the service entirely for several months in the fall/winter after starting last July. It was frustrating and it did nothing but impede my learning. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to learn, and being told that you cannot any more. Part of the learning experience is making mistakes.

          In my experience, the health existed for one reason, to force you to watch ads. You could pay gems to refill your health, but to refill, I needed to get NINE (9) crowns worth of rewards just to get 5 additional health, or I needed to practice material that I actually didn't need practice with 5 times just to refill my health. Or watch ads....... The other option for me was wait 5 hours for a single health to come back.

          When I started learning on Duolingo, I strictly used the app. I did not know there was a website, and I did not have any hints or tips. I was starting here to get a base for the classes I signed up for in person. I made countless errors because there was no explanation for me on why I was learning "der Apfel" was suddenly changing to "den Apfel". I had just learned (And took all the previous modules to gold) that it was something different, with no explanation why, and then I was getting things wrong. I know tips are being added to the iOS app now, but not everyone knows about them.

          Then there is the issue that in your native language you can accidentally type "car" instead of "cat". Or in non-English languages other words that have similar appearance and layout on the keyboard. You get this wrong, you lose a heart. Yes it is a mistake, but that is a very easy one to do. There are issues with Autocorrect on phones, and people also have fat fingers. Mistakes in native languages happen. It doesn't mean you are not learning.

          And then there is the issue with flexible word orders, synonyms that are not included in the database and multiple other things that can cause errors. The contributors are great, and I thank them for everything they do. However, everyone is human and things slip by. I have had several instances where I have had to submit that my answer was correct, and receive the email saying that my response was added to the database. So at the end of the day, I was counted for a mistake, but I was correct.

          I use Duolingo more for trying out what I can do with word orders. I like to switch things around to see what works, what doesn't work and then investigate why the wrong answers were wrong. I don't get a simple thing right and ask myself "what did I do right?". Instead, the red comes up, I look at it, and ask "What is wrong with this?" then I go and investigate it if there is no typo or if it isn't just flat out wrong. Often I learn A LOT more by being wrong than simply memorizing what something is and moving on. It makes me look at why the word order I put in doesn't work while I am experimenting. I can also think of at least four different prepositions in German to say "going to xxxx" in German. "ich gehe zu Tim" - "I am going to Tim's place" "ich gehe ins Kino" - "I am going to the movie theater" "ich gehe nach Kanada" - "I am going to Kanada" and "ich gehe aufs Land" - "I am going to the countryside". If a learner doesn't make mistakes with these, then they are brilliant. This is a natural area where one needs to make mistakes to see what they mean, and then once you think you understand, there are exceptions as to why a certain destination takes a different preposition.

          My wife is also on the health plan. She has the exact same complaints as I do. She does exactly 3 lessons a day, because she doesn't want to deal with the health. She hates it. Yes she gets almost everything correct, but she is going unbelievably slow (maybe she will complete a full tree in 15 years or so) because the health makes her just want to do what is required for her streak.

          While I no longer worry about health because I have plus status (I don't plan on having it forever, I just want to pay a fair amount for the usage of a product) it is the single worst part about the service.


          No, Duolingo, no, don't----- too late. Have fun with leaderboards lol


          I am shellshocked Why on earth do you want to kill the clubs? We have a wonderful Italian club with a fabulous volunteer instructor. We have s wonderful, very international Spanish club. Several native speakers are there to help. Most of us learn far more in the monolingual club than from endless repetitive translations. We also have a nice Portuguese group. So why on earth do you want to kill this. Following does not include interaction, it is utterly pointless.


          Dear HelpfulDuo

          I've not long joined one of the Duolingo Clubs and I'm finding it a wonderful opportunity to practice my Italian. The people are very friendly and supportive and I'm encouraged through the contact I have with them to do some "study" on my own so I can expand my vocabulary.

          So I'm dismayed to see that you're going to close our fabulous CLUBS and replace it with LEADERBOARDS. I'm sorry to say that it seems like a case of "fixing" something that isn't broken.

          Saluti da un triste utente dell'app Duolingo



          "No can do," says HelpfulDuo cheerfully, "Clubs are *** Leaderboards are bett"


          "Leaderbord is bett clubs are bibi" says Dickie


          Well it's great already =) Still learning though


          I loved this announcement. I really hope that Icelandic will be the next language!


          Yes, Duolingo, thank you very much for tossing away the club option!


          It's been scientifically proven that positive reinforcement is the best way to learn. Penalizing for mistakes is the LEAST effective way to learn. Isn't that what you want us to do, Duolingo?

          [deactivated user]

            Okay, seems like it is new today, so here's some feedback: I HATE the new 'correct questions in a row' feature. I have it for one lesson, and it stressed me so much because I didn't want to make a mistake because I didn't want the counter to reset. Also, I don't want extra xp because of this anxiety-inducing feature, that ends up filling in my daily practice requirement faster. I want to have to complete 5 lessons every day, even if I answer all questions correctly on some of them. But, I don't want to be all negative about this, so I will end my comment on the following note: Maybe I'll eventually get used to it. Or maybe, I'll quit Duolingo over it.

            [deactivated user]

              PS: I won't be practicing today because of this thing. Also, listen to your users about the clubs, or you may see your profits drop considerably.


              Hooray for Leaderboards and Health! The feature literally no one asked for and almost everyone hates!

              Thanks Duolingo!


              tHeN wHy ArE yOu ThAnKiNg ThEm?!??!?!?!?!?!?11!?!?1

              I'm being sarcastic don't hurt me please


              I feel like when you put capitals in random places it easily indicates you're being sarcastic, not-understanding buddy xP (I take my nicknames seriously lol)


              Thumbs up for CEFR and new/enhanced languages. Thumbs sideways for addition of Leaderboard ("meh") Thumbs down for removal of Clubs (but if that was costing something to run, then maybe that would fit in Plus better than Health. And Thumbs WAY WAY down for Health. There isn't even a place in the survey to tell you that it's not that I don't want health to come to Android, it's that IT IS TERRIBLE even on iOS. Punishing mistakes to "slow down" learning does not allow for: challenging new topics, trying alternate vocabulary in the lessons, or even just Tired Brain, Making Extra Typos/Mistakes. (And don't even get me started on the tiny fonts and the mistakes that eyestrain contributes to)


              This is the best language system out there, free or paid. I love Duo. While I use others, I still do a bulk of vocabulary and sentence structure familiarity form Duo. As a native English speaker, most foreign languages sound backwards to me. And the Duo system makes the differences between English and my target language flow really well, that I don't struggle with word order as much ,

              I hope that make sense.


              Duolingo: Free language learning and education! :D

              Also Duolingo: Let's penalize a person for making a mistake even though mistakes are a part of learning and have them repair their streak at the cost of (insert price here)!

              I know Duolingo Plus exists, just wanted to point this out :/


              Yes, exactly. I wouldn't mind this if Duolingo itself were called Duolingo Lite and you had to pay for REAL Duolingo but like... for something that the whole point of is that it's free it's upsetting


              This is a general question but I can't seem to find an answer: Will there be more owl outfits? I keep gathering lingots and there's nothing I can do with them :( Duo makes me so happy during my excercises, I'd love more outfits for him?


              How about an orange jumpsuit, for his crimes against the membership?


              :"D OMG HAHAHAHHA you made me snort. loudly. at work. thanks :p


              Here's a lingot for making me laugh XD


              I first downloaded the Mobile Version of Duolingo probably close to 3 years ago but I would have stopped using the App long time ago if it wasn’t for the CHAT option that was introduced by Duo- it added life, and fun and a sense of real accomplishment upon every successful exchange of thoughts with the club- members. Ever since I opened my Club and I am an active member of 3 more. We all became friends and we interact using the respective language that we study together. Having our Duo Clubs is like having our own classroom with our favourite classmates and teachers ( the native speakers among us in each group ). We share a passion together - for the language we study. You take the Clubs away from us = you loose us as users, sooner or later. And if you reconsider and keep the Clubs as a option for those who don’t want to join the Leaderboards/ Leagues, then we would probably never leave and will keep advertising Your App to our circle of friends as the best App ever. So far, I would have rated Duolingo with 10/10. If you cancel the Clubs and the chat option- I would rate you with 2 for failing to listen to Your most passionate users.


              Yes Duo, many other people think so. Don't close the clubs please.


              Duolingo: "Eh, what you said over there? No? Club?"


              It's funny. Having taken a look at the posts here, if Duo's existence depended on some elections, they would have been out of business ...


              Since these updates my screen are not loading properly. The word banks don't display. When asked to select the correct meaning of a sentence the options don't load. I can't move forward. It seems like the resolution is no longer working. PLEASE Can someone help?? I have submitted bug reports and nothing is changing. I really want to move forward.



              Try to decrease webpage zoom level in your browser's settings.


              If health comes onto my android version i will quit Duo. It will be a shame because I have been using it for 3 years. But the health system on iOS was pretty much unusable and highly discouraging. So much for "making mistakes is how you learn".


              Come on guys, Duolingo is FREE, so don't complain! You get to learn a language for absolutely no charge, and you're angry about it? Personally i don't mind the updates, the constant changes get a little annoying but it's not my place to complain.


              Not all people use Duolingo for free. Even if they all did use it for free, that doesn't mean Duolingo can't make a bad update. Users should have the right to give feedback.


              Users should have the right to give feedback.

              That depends on what kind of feedback. Free form style feedback is not very efficient way to collect feedback. Instead collecting bug reports from existing features is ok. This is what they are currently doing.


              I have been using Duo for about two years now on and off. I had two accounts one on my iPad and one on my android mobile phone. iPad always had the "Health" which made it very hard to use but it was okay as I was using it at home. Today now I have the "Health" on my Android phone too after making the mistake of syncing the two accounts.

              It makes it impossible to use the app as you can not progress. if you are stuck in a section. In the past you would have to repeat the same questions till you get it right and it was great to learn as you keep typing it. Now you run out of HEALTH before the end of the section and you don't even have the chance to work on your mistakes.

              I used to really like this app but I am not sure how long more I will be able use it with the HEALTH. I read somewhere that there is an A/B test to remove it but I am not sure it is for an older version. If anyone knows a way to remove it please please let me know.

              If Health is staying I am not sure how many people will carry on using this app.


              Really enjoying the changes to the French course, both in terms of effective learning and motivation. Looking forward to seeing similar changes in German and Italian. Thanks for all the good work.


              Getting rid of the clubs was not a good idea. I enjoyed the clubs to be able to actually use the languages.

              Now its just competing to be at the top in leaderboards which the hearts system is going to make virtually impossible unless you have a plus account or want to spend money on gems.

              It was a good free language app. Its now turning into a money pit like everything else.

              Incredibly disappointing.


              This is not going to help with clubs, but if you use the Duo website you do not have to worry about hearts/getting things wrong. It does not use them.

              Personally, I use the website whether I am on my laptop, or on a phone or tablet. For me, it's more because I don't' want to clutter up memory with apps unless I have to. But the website works just fine on mobile devices and you would not have to worry about hearts/getting a time out. Plus, you also get the little lightbulb leading to tips/explanations. Just as on a pc. Which from some comments I read, it seems the app does not have. Or at least does not seem to have in all languages.

              If your language has speaking exercises you would have to use chrome for them to pop up though. On a pc and mobile devices both.

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