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  5. "You and I want mangoes."

"You and I want mangoes."

Translation:तुझे और मुझे आम चाहिए।

April 23, 2019



why no हैं at the end ?


You don't need to use है in sentences with चाहिए.


I am using other learning tools. One says chaahiye is like saying "is important" or "is necessary" (you really need it) and the is is built into the word in a polite way -iye. Thats why you use mujhe. So its like saying: To me, ... is necessary or important. Hope this helps.


Chahiye also means want


I typed तुम्हें और मुझे आम चाहिए which was accepted, but it said that तुझे was also acceptable to use.

What's the difference between तुम्हें and तुझे ?


तुझे is a form of तू and is the least formal version. You should only use it for very close friends and family who are about the same age as yourself. तुम्हें is a form of तुम and can be used for everyone who is of age with you or younger and someone older than you when you want to convey intimacy. If you want to be even more formal than तुम्हे, you can use आपको which is a form of आप.


There's some grammar rule for the order of pronouns in hindi ? I mean which pronoun goes first? : I and you or you and I.?


As far as i know, it does not matter, but for Duolingo at least, i would recommend following it the way it is given


How do you type tuche and muche? I can't get the letter-joiner (D on my keyboard, Microsoft Hindi Traditional IME) to make anything work. I end up with something like this:




'Jha' is झ which is distinct from इ (i).

So, to get झे, you need to type झ and े. This is probably Shift+'O' and 'a' on your keyboard.

The ् key which you call the letter-joiner is not for consonant+vowel combinations. It is for consonant+consonant combinations. For example, to get म्ह (mha) in तुम्हें, you need to type म + ् + ह.


Is there a group of verbs that uses tujhe mujhe...?


Options not available. App gave option for only egg & expecting me to select mangoes..


'तुझे' 'मुझे' is informal Say 'आपको और मुझे' when talking to a stranger or an adult

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