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yet another suggestion thread. . .

I really do wish there were a way to alter the way duolingo appears in my browser(firefox, on a windows 7 laptop). Maybe there is, and I'm just not tech-savvy enough. I find myself getting headaches trying to discern light gray on a white background. And even though my browser is taking up all of a fairly large screen, I have to scroll down after every question to see the relevant information. A higher-contrast, more compact interface would be extremely appreciated (at least by me).

May 30, 2014



Really? On my laptop the interface is great! Maybe chrome would look better?


You can hold down your Windows key on the keyboard, and press the -/- button at the same to zoom out your screen incrementally.


Huh. That lets me zoom in but not out. I'm trying to fit the whole duolingo page on a screen at once, and am already using my screen's maximum resolution.


You're pressing the minus button while holding the Windows button, correct? It's strange that you only zoom in, because I can do both...


For me, holding down the Windows button and the minus button just makes a lot of minus signs appear in the search window below the Start menu.


Try control+minus.


Jesus, how on earth did I not know that? Thank you!

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