Why can't I access clubs on iOS?

Has anyone else encountered this problem? I just recently downloaded Duolingo again and my friends started a club that I wanted to join. However, when I go to the tab that the club section should be under, there is not an option to join a club.

Any help would be appreciated!

April 23, 2019


Android and iOS are going to get more similar: Leaderboards and Health will start rolling out to new users on the mobile platforms that did not previously have them; Leaderboards is now available on iOS and will soon come to the website as well. Attention! Leaderboards are in the process of replacing Clubs, so make sure you follow your club-friends this month! Link April 2019 Updates

April 23, 2019

Any help .......

Now, you should have the club tab:

  • enter the club code

In my test accounts in the Android app, I can re-enable "Make my profile public" without losing my club tab.

That's necessary, if you want to allow others to see your profile and follow you.

April 25, 2019
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