"My father loves the mother."

Translation:Ñuha kepa muñe jorrāelza.

April 23, 2019

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If you use an android device, install SwiftKey from the Play store. A very nice keyboard with a smooth UI that's easy to use with high customizability. Best part is you can layer keyboards on top of eachother. I'll explain;

I put my main language (Norwegian) as the main layout for the keyboard. Then I downloaded Latin (from SwiftKey) and integrated the latin letters with my Norwegian keyboard. The Latin keyboard has all the letters you'll ever need to use in High Valyrian and more. Now, all I have to do is hold the 'y' key and 'ȳ' pops up. Hope this helps.


My keyboard isnt able to to accents over letters. Not fair.


This depends. If you use the web app, you have buttons for these special letters. If you use a mobile app, you can access most of these by long touching a letter. For example, you will get the "Ñ" on most mobile keyboard layouts by long touching the "N" button. Depending on your keyboard layout, not all of them might be available, though, like the long "o" or the long "y".

Duolingo usually accepts a double letter instead of the long letter, so you can also write "jorraaelza" instead of "jorrāelza".

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