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  5. "Andi goes to the market."

"Andi goes to the market."

Translation:Andi pergi ke pasar.

April 23, 2019



What's the difference between the preposition "ke" and "di"?

  • Ke implies destination.
    Example: Andi goes to the market (Andi pergi ke pasar).
  • Di implies location.
    Example: Andi is at the market (Andi ada di pasar).


"Ke" indicates motion/movement while "Di" indicates the place where the object is.

For example: • Kucing melompat ke atas meja = The cat jumps onto the table. • Kucing melompat di atas meja = The cat jumps on the table.


Funny enough, in my country Serbia we have word 'pazar' which is loaned from Turkey, and means specificaly shoping at market : 'Idem u pazar'='I go shopping at market'

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