"Hey Kaleo, turn off the light."

Translation:E Kaleo, e hoʻopio i ke kukui.

April 24, 2019



Okay I said "E Kaleo, e ho'opio 'oe i ke kukui" - and the program didn't accept that - and given how consistent it's been in the past about accepting the " 'oe" addition or not, I was under the impression it was optional. Until this sentence, the "alternative" correct response was either to insert or omit the "' oe" or omit it, depending on whatever was the opposite of what I'd done. Clarification anyone? E kokua mai!

April 24, 2019


I suspect that it should be accepted either way, as you have suggested. Did you report it as, "My answer should have been accepted"?

April 27, 2019
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