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pronunciation of 'est-elle nu?'

Is the 's' in 'est' to be pronounced here? It sounds odd to me.

July 17, 2012



@james.newling : no, the 's' should not be pronunced, except when 'est' is not 3rd person of the verb "être" but the lace when the sun rises (=east). So, there is a mistake here that I duely reported. @siebolt: 'est-elle' (pronunced 'ettel') means 'is she', if you want to mean 'she is naked', you must add 'nue'. @james.newling: 'plus' is pronunced 'pluss' when it is by itself (plus/moins = plus/minus) ; 'pluz' in front of a vowel ('plus agé' = older) and 'plu' in front of a consonant ('plus vieux' = older).


Another mispronunciation is in 'a plus tard' where the 's' in 'plus' is not silent where it should be. I guess one shouldn't pay too close attention to the voice. @ Siebolt - Yes thanks, I forgot the 'e' in my haste!


There is a name Estelle, in which one hears an -s-. In est-elle I pronounce ettelle. By the way: if this phrase means Is she naked?, there should have been nue> Est-elle nue?

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