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Quem escrever um fato engraçado que aconteceu em sua vida em inglês, eu dou 100 Lingots. Não é zoeira, pois tenho um monte mesmo, e não tem com o quê usar. Pode pá que quando vocês verem algum comentário com 100 lingots, foi eu. Gosto de saber de histórias alheia, e é bom que vocês já praticam o inglês de vocês. Bora ae cachorrada de feira.

April 25, 2019

40 Comentários


Ok, I can remember this one. It's not THAT funny, but...

I was staying at a hotel in Brasilia for a couple days 'cause my boyfriend had to travel for work, and that was my first time staying at a hotel at all and there was a big pool there. I was so excited with this pool that while he was working I went "swimming" alone (detail: I have no idea how to do that). There were no people at the pool so I started to act like "nobody is watching"... It includes doing silly things, trying to swim and speak in english things like "I'm rich" "I'm feeling so rich". Well, when I looked back... There was a man, just looking at me like WHAT THE HECK.


Trato é trato. E como não teve mais comentários até agora, considerei o seu como o melhor. Mas se aparecer alguém com uma história hilária, eu dou mais 100 Lingots, também.


Não esperava ganhar, só achei bem legal a sua ideia de incentivar as pessoas à prática e como não tinha comentários ainda resolvi puxar. Mas agradeço. Farei bom uso aqui no fórum mesmo.



No fucking way, really ? I cant do this .


Jesus Christ, Dani :o hahaha


I was just living the moment, I promise I'm not always THAT crazy. (LOL) But when I saw that man that came from nothing, I started to think "Maybe it's a good time to start drowning."


hahah i Love it!! Congratulations I live in Brasilia


Nice, Adriana. I'll be back there in July. And I can't promise I'll behave this time haha


I remember once, I was new in australia and I didn't know english very well, so far not, but at that time I knew even less, so I was working in a restaurant, and in this day my boss came to me and said: " I have a funeral to go, I will come back in a few hours". But he has a strong australian accent, so I didn't understand and I answered: "yes, have fun", how I was acostumeted to answer. He looked for me with big eyes, but I think he understood that I didn't know english and went.


Nice one, loooool. Here's to your funny story. 100 Lingots


Oh my God hahahaha good one




hahahaha hahaha fala sério!!!


Apenas para dizer - Que boa ideia! Usar esses lingots para incentivar as pessoas a praticar o inglês de uma forma divertida. Poderia ser que eu siga seu bom exemplo.


That comment could be writtten an english for sure, but ok .


Sulipinha's original comment was in Portuguese, as are most comments in these pages, if not this one, for obvious reasons. And as my comment wasn't in any way an "entry" to this compeition, but simply congratulating Sulipinha on his idea, I simply followed suit. I see no reason for criticism.

What's more, as a native speaker of English, it's Portuguese I need practice in.

By the way, it's "that sentence could have been written in English" (poderia ter sido escrita). We use the Modal Perfect here.


I will not do it for lingots, just to practice, and because I liked your idea.

So, if I remember well, I was 11 or so and I was at 5th grade. My class had to change our classroom and we did going up to second floor (where just there were "big and advanced" students). In time of go away to home, we always got out running and doing mess. My schoolbag fell on the floor, my fellow kicked in same time that I'd catch it, then I also fell. It was not a simple fell, I stumbled two times trying catch my schoolbag and I fell spinning more than Neymar in the World Cup and then I was run over for a lot of bigger students. But I didn't hurt myself, It was funny, I just was lying on the floor with very shame, but I started to laugh a lot (still lying down, I could not get up so much that I laughed). Some people thought that I was crying, but when they saw I laughing, they also burst out laughing. So, felling down in front of the "whole school" would can be a shame or sad history, but just was funny in my case.


Nice one, guy, is 10 Lingots Ok?


That was a good one. "I fell spinning more than Neymar in the World Cup" LOL. The difference is that you fell for real, not because of the wind or things like that haha.

Lying on the ground, laughing at your own misfortune... Seems a good memory.


A Brazilian ant was strolling on the beach when it encountered a Japanese ant and asked: Hello, my name is Ant, are you okay? The Japanese ant replied: Okay, yes! my name is the Brazilian ant thought it strange because he had never seen anyone with that name, so he asked: Do you really call yourself Ôta? The Japanese ant replied: Yes, Ôta Formiga


Eu querooo♥ Uma das coisas mais engraçadas que aconteceu foi que meu professor de inglês pediu para termos um dialogo apenas em inglês , tudo bem estavamos conversando, Dai eu falei "HE DONT", imediatamente o professor me corrigiu e falou em português, dai eu errei e ele também kkk, Lá foi super engraçado porque tinha uma base de 30 pessoas assistindo


É para comentar em inglês.


In English, sir.


No write in english but that ready whit me. kkk Não escreveu em inglês mas isso já aconteceu comigo. kkk


Well let's try to write and see what will happen, that it is clear that I asked the help of google translator to write some words because it did not remember kkkk

I got a job as an apprentice in a company once. Every Monday we raffle to know who will prepare the coffee for the entire team all week. It was only after the fourth time that my name came out that I discovered that my co-workers put my name on every piece of paper. WTF man =(


Pra que serve esses ligotes? Sou novo aqui no duo...


Os lingots são as moedas do Duolingo. Eles servem para você comprar na loja do Duo, por exemplo, bloqueio de ofensivas. Ofensivas são os números de dias seguidos que você pratica os exercícios. Caso você deixe de praticar um dia, suas ofensivas zeram e comprando o bloqueio você pode ficar um dia sem praticar sem perdê-las.


lets go, i got home and i realized
that was without the keys, i intercede for my friend and I've already been talking "have dinner for me there?", and the person answered "yes, but who's talking?' that's when I realized that she was not my friend, I apologized and hung up. then i died laughing alone..


Anyways, if she wasn't your friend, who was she? Furthermore, why were you supposed to have her phone number saved in your phone?


DanielaMota22's story reminds me of one day when I was at the bus stop. There wasn't anybody there and I was bored so I started to explain all of the new songs I wrote in English as if I were a famous singer talking to my fans. When my bus finally arrived I looked back and shocked. There were about 6 people behind me (they probably got there after me and I didn't see them coming) and their faces were hilarious. They probably thought I was crazy or something haha


Well a guy was playing with me and he spoke English and I tried to talk to him but I said everything wrong and he started laughing and said that he was messing with me and it was BR


Well, let's try to tell something that makes sense, I'm not practicing my english typing or speaking, so sorry my mistakes, I hope you understand...

Once, I don't remeber the year (long time ago), I was drinking with some friends, it was too late and everyone was drunk.

There was a toy scooter thrown in a corner and I was so fucking drunk and trying to look cool that I caught the toy scooter and went to street yelling: "I will go down the street, someone watch the crossing streets and tell me if a car is coming".

So well, I went down 3 blocks super high speed in a toy scooter and when I realized that I needed to break, nothing was working... I tried to break whit my foot in the ground, putting my foot on the wheels, nothing worked...

So, the only solution I found was jump off at high speed. Probably I rolled down about 30 feet and get some light wounds, I was really lucky not hurting myself worse.

All the folks were laughing so hard that even I've been grated like a piece of cheese at the asphalt and feeling a lot of pain for the whole body, I had to laugh with them.

Funny days of hard drinking : )


I think I remember last year I went to the camp that had a pool and then I went with my friend and I sleep in the pool and my friend gave me a scare and the saved lives thought that I had died and I woke up


my brother and I were breaking a trunk, when we found a snail slug

Aprenda inglês em apenas 5 minutos por dia. De graça.