"They fill their bags with bananas and peanuts."

Translation:Mereka mengisi tas mereka dengan pisang dan kacang.

April 25, 2019

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"Mereka mengisi tas-tas mereka dengan pisang-pisang dan kacang-kacang."

Sure, the repetition isn't needed, but would it be wrong here?


Why is "memenuhi" (fill) not accepted instead of "mengisi" here?


memenuhi also can. But, mengisi is better because they just fill their bags with bananas and peanuts. They do not fill their bags with it until full because memenuhi more to full something because 'penuh' means full.


CAnt use pisang pisang here?


"pisang" is part of the required solution, but does not appear as an option


The options are there but you need to scroll down but there is no option to scroll. I can just see the tops of 2 tabs which are below the line but they have the words. I have reported.


I just did the refresher on plurals - and had almost this exact phrase with 'pisang-pisang' ... but not now... Soooo - when do you use the plural form?????


Use the plural form when you would otherwise assume the noun is singular. If you read "Saya mencintai kucing saya", (I love my cat[s]) you would think of only one cat. But with "Saya mencintai kucing-kucing saya", (I love my cats) there is more than one cat.


The answer options cover the question on my device (mobile)

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