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  5. "How is your mother?"

"How is your mother?"

Translation:तुम्हारी माँ कैसी हैं?

April 25, 2019



Why is it plural at the end?


In Hindi, words referring to people elder than you or in positions of authority are treated as if they were plural as a way of showing respect. This is not a grammatical requirement but is usually done in practice.

So, माँ is conjugated with the plural form हैं.


Why it is not "ho" at the end ?


The verb is conjugating with माँ ('mother') not तुम ('you').


Is तुम्हारी rude / too personal? Or would that be तेरी?


तुम्हारी is less personal/more formal than तेरी but more personal/less formal than आपकी.

In general, you can use the तुम forms (like तुम्हारी) with most people who are around the same age as you or younger (except in a formal/professional context where आप forms would be more appropriate). It might also be a good idea to start off with आप forms for strangers and then move on to तुम once you get to know the person a little.

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