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"Non-vegetarian food is also good."

Translation:माँसाहारी खाना भी अच्छा होता है।

April 25, 2019



No non vegetarian food is not good


Why is it hota hai and not just hai


'होता है' is used when you're making a generalisation.

'माँसाहारी खाना भी अच्छा है' may be saying that some non-vegetarian food is also good at some particular location is good. By including होता however, you are saying that non-vegetarian food, in general, is good.


How to write ँ in phonetic hindi keyboard? I couldn't figure this out.


Which phonetic keyboard are you using?


I love this ... after vegetarian food is good, then non vegetarian food is also good... no discrimination :)


Just a bit discrimination for animals but thats ok


I have not heard of mansahari, what does mansa and hari mean originally?


माँसाहारी is माँस (meaning 'meat') + आहारी.
आहारी comes from आहार (meaning 'food') and can mean both 'eater' and 'relating to food'. So, माँसाहारी is used as an adjective both for the animals (carnivores ) or people who consume meat/non-vegetarian food and the food itself (which would be called माँसाहारी खाना).

The word आहार is lifted from Sanskrit into Hindi and is not used much on its own. The same is true for माँसाहार which, by itself, would also mean 'non-vegetarian food'.

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