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Is it possible for the Ukrainian Language course to add content?

I have nothing to add to my Ukrainian learning, while other languages offer Idioms and Flirting.

I think it would at least be beneficial to learn interjections such as "Really?" "Of course!" "Well..." - and other expressions that give the learner a sense of natural expression. For just about every learner, there is a feeling of searching for words, and these short interjections might give the learner an option to say something between thoughts rather than just be a stumped fool with annoying "uhhhhhhh"s in between words.

Yes, maybe it could be part of an Idiom skill or call it something different like "Soft Language" to include different expressions and idioms.

Thanks for the consideration!

April 25, 2019



Agreed, this course needs more content. I am a native Russian speaker and finished the Ukrainian tree just to see how far it can take me, and although I didn't use any other resources to study I still can't have a conversation in Ukrainian. I can understand almost all of the spoken and written language but it's mostly through context and similarity of words.


Agreed, some new skills or an enhancement of the already existing skills would be great! For example: Household, Nature II (say, the farm, the forest, the sea and the wilderness), Science, Law and Order, Politics and the State, Adjectives - Comparative & Superlative (I really miss this one), Diminutives, Imperative verbs (you do come across some imperative forms in other skills though, but a separate skill would be great too)... and many more. Just wishful thinking here :-)

On the positive side though, what I find great about this very course is that it uses quite a lot of international words - like muesli, jazz, smartphone or basketball, to name a few. Really helpful for coping with the Cyrillic alphabet for a beginner.

By the way, it is only now that I notice that both bonus skills are gone from the Ukrainian tree! There used to be two prior to the latest site update - Idioms and Holidays IIRC, you could purchase them, but now they disappeared and they are no longer in the shop. Wondering if that was intended or if we have yet another bug here.


You may give a try to 'English from Ukrainian' course.

It is different and it has a more useful vocabulary.


I have the same request to(?) the English course. But it is Duolingo! It teaches the most entry level, the basis. If you want to learn Ukrainian or any other language you have to read and listen to real texts in target language.

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