Lost day streak

Hi i am so sad and shocked . I was on 165 day streak and i lost it . I practiced on android mobile yesterday morning and open the internet at the evening to update my work . but it was not updated . Please help me admins. I love Duolingo

May 30, 2014


Same here. I practice on the website and the app. Yesterday I did the lessons on the website, which said my streak had continued. But, today, when I logged in to the app, it said my streak was gone. I'd really prefer to have my streak continued on both platforms if at all possible.

That probably happened because, on the webpage, your streak is continued even if you only earn 1 point, but for the streak on your phone to be continued, you'll have to earn whatever amount the coach has set (ex 20 points). So your streak on the webpage and on the app will often be different. A bit confusing sometimes:)

Indeed. I guess I shouldn't have expected the rules to be consistent across the different platforms. Silly me.

I assume that the streak days would be consistent if you turned off the coach! But I find it helpful to keep me on track with practicing.

And, again, it would be nice if setting up the coach on the app meant it was present on the web version. I mean, the entire point of giving Duolingo access to my Facebook account was so my progress would be synced across different devices. Sorry to be difficult, but it seems like a no-brainer to me.

The same happened to me, hope we'll get it back!!

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