Difference between 'Uscire' and 'Partire'?

The translations seem to be very similar. When would you use Uscire, and when would you use Partire? Example sentences and explanations/rules would be nice. Thanks.

Uscire: To Leave, Come/Go Out, Exit, Emerge; Stick Out, Protrude; Be Published, Appear

Partire: To Leave, Depart, Go Away, Start, Take Off

And also, 'Rimanere' and 'Stare' seem to have the exact same translation :/

May 30, 2014


You are right with your translations, but it may help if you simply think of uscire as go out. and partire as leave.

Some examples: È uscito senza dire una parola - He went out without saying a word {Also remember the noun l'uscita The Exit.

E che ora parta l'autobus/ What time does the bus leave. And the noun la partenza - The departure.

Hope that helps a bit.

The stare question is much harder to explain, as stare is widely used to mean many things, but you probably know the greeting 'Come sta? - How are you. You wouldn't ask how do you remain :)

May 30, 2014

Uscire primarily means to exit, or to leave by exiting; partire is just the general leaving or departure.

May 30, 2014

The way I understand it, "uscire" has more to do with the place you're leaving (going out of X, leaving X), while "partire" is more about the destination (leaving for X).

As far as I know, "rimanere" and "stare" are synonyms when they mean "(physically) stay." Sometimes words do have the same meaning. : )

May 30, 2014

Uscire means getting out, getting out of the house or somewhere (leaving the house). Another meaning is going out to meet someone like a date. Or more general, I am dating: I go out with Sarah. Or something like: "Esco con degli amici stasera." I'll be out with some friends this evening.

Partire used when people are leaving for a business trip, or going on a vacation, or for buses, trains, and planes... Parto per Parigi domani. Il treno è partito alle sette.

There is also "andare via" which has a closer meaning to uscire in some situations. It means "go away, or leave." For example you are with a group of people, you can say. "Devo andare via, mia moglie mi sta aspettando adesso." (I have to leave(go), my wife is waiting for me."

There are some situations that you can use, like "leaving the airport or hospital." Vado via dall'ospedale stasera. (I am getting out of(leaving) the hospital this evening) This meaning is different than uscire because uscire is mostly used with common places like houses and workplace etc... and uscire has sort of a meaning, going out but with an intention of coming back.

But "Vado via dall'ospedale" means I am cured and won't be coming back. "Vado via dall'aeroporto."

Hope this helps...

November 21, 2016
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