Level broken.

Hello. I've been studying the reverse Polish tree for English speakers. And am quite confused as of my level, I have completed around 20 lessons at level 1 and my level for English for Polish is only level 2, when it should be around level 8 or 9, can someone help me please? I would provide a screenshot but cannot on this forum. Also in discussions it shows what you've been learning. My English for German shows up as level 9. Next to my name. But the English for Polish doesn't even show up. Hopefully this can be resolved soon.

Speak soon please, :)

April 26, 2019


Hey. You can share images. Use this discussion link to help you out!

April 26, 2019

Btw, I can see 5 flags on your profile. It's Spanish -13; German - 14; English, and the other 2 languages - Level 9

April 26, 2019

Then english icon is my English from German. My English from polish doesn't show up though.

April 29, 2019


May 5, 2019
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