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Streak scale gone?...

I'm not sure about this but, I can't see the streak scale at all?

I can't remember exactly where it was, so I took a few...

May 30, 2014



I still see it. Refresh the site. If that doesn't work, contact Duolingo support.


I see it too. To add on to Alexis's note, repost this to troubleshooting if refreshing refrains to work.


Still not showing...


Sometimes I can't see the amount of words I've learned (0 instead of 1571). Try closing out the browser, then log on to Duolingo again.


Can you please share a screenshot?


How do I add photos?


First you need to upload your screenshot on some image sharing website like imgur.

After that you post it here by using this syntax: ![](url of the website where you uploaded your screenshot)


Your streak appears in your topbar next to your avatar and username.


Can you elaborate on what you mean by "streak scale"?


Is your system time set correctly?


For what it's worth, I've never been able to see that either, and I actually just sent a message to support before I saw this in the discussion. I can only see the graph when I finish a lesson. It's never appeared below my XP and word count.


There are 3 requirements for having the activity graph show. You must be within the users it was pushed to, you must have earned at least 1 XP in the last week, and your account must be at least a week old. The last check is done with respect to your system time. Considering that when I look into your account I can see the graph, the only theory I have is that your clock is set to a time which affects the perceived offset. I'm pushing a fix to remedy the possibility that your local time is set incorrectly - until then just sit tight. Thanks for the report!


I also used to see that graph but I haven't for some time now except when I finish a practice. Please let me know if you would like any more info.


It usually shows up after you've finished a lesson on a computer, along with the amount of points you earned. Otherwise, I've never been able to see it.

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