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  5. "Un caffè per favore."

"Un caffè per favore."

Translation:A cup of coffee please.

May 30, 2014



In English you would say, "coffee, please."


You could also say "A coffee, please."


Thats what i thought


I wouldn't I'd say, a cup of coffee please.


Or A coffee please


"One coffee please" works as a translation.


A coffee please it's right, a cup of coffee please is more polite if you wish. Both are correct.


an espresso please - when Italians ask for a 'caffe' they always mean an espresso - English speakers think of a caffelatte.


Agreed, that's what I came here to write - in Italy coffee is synonymous with espresso. Although I'd say un Caffe Americano is how most of the English speaking world would expect their coffee and would order this in Italy.


she whispers aloud before taking a large sip Learning Italian is always better with coffee xD


How do i get accents on my phone keypad?


Okay Italian, You be you and not English. oh, and if its A cup of coffee please shouldnt the sentence be Una tazza caffe per favore?


Exactly but in English we say cup of coffee normally.


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Coffee please. Why is this wrong?


"Un caffe" means "a coffee", so you are required to put "a", or, "one" before the word "coffee".


Coffee please or Can I have a coffee please ?


The most essential food group. -- Grazie! :-)

"A coffee please" is the literal translation, by the way.


When you go to starbucks or a caffè shop and they say "What would you like" you would say "A coffee please" because by default you are asking for a cup not a pound or ounce as you get them by the cup..so I sai "un caffè per favore" "A coffee please" from the previous lessons close to this sentence there was no cup added in by default. But the rules are so different its crazy.


Guys, coffee can be said as "can i have a coffee" or "coffee please" or even "coffee thank you" its just that duolingo has you learn proper structure rather than slang ok? like "gonna" is slang not proper so duolingo would never have u learn it.


I wrote just what it said and it counted it wrong


Same here. I've reported the question, but for now I'm stuck at this lesson. I've tried "A cup of coffee please." (with and without the full step), and many other possibilities (e.g. "A coffee please" or "One coffee please"), but everything I try is counted as wrong...


I got it write but I feel like a few words are missing in the sentence for me to get what they wanted.


Its so confusing to me how they drop words. So this still means a cup of coffee without having to say tazza


You'll come to find many phrases don't translate over word for word.


I do not agree to the translation of "cup"


Is it just me, or when I have another app on the sound doesn't appear?


So "tazza" means 'cup'. But when translating "Un caffe per favore". It says that it is "A cup of coffee please"

Why is "tazza" not used in this translation?

I understand that the cup is implied but when trying to learn a new language it is confusing.

Can someone please help?

Thank you!


Italian is very similar to Spanish. It sounds stranger to say "Una taza de café por favor" than it is to say "Un café por favor." We don't usually say A coffee, we say a cup of coffee. It is just so we can understand better what it says


You could also phrase it as " One cup of coffee, please "


I listened very carefully and I heard her say "taffe" . Is this how you pronounce it in Italian?


What is the difference between the accents?


I have a question concerning the diacritical mark over the e in caffè. Is there a difference between é (forward-leaning) and è (backward-leaning)?


In english you say "coffee please but in Italian it's "un caffe per favore". I missed a word so i didn't quite know what i was doing.


Mine said i need the "article A" in the beginning.


the word cup does not appear in the Italian sentence therefore making the translation very difficult


Its the same in many countries with latin based origin. Its not wrong maybe we're just not motivated to say the whole sentence. We take shortcuts and it has become a habit


When in Italy I was informed that as a courtesy "per favore" after requesting some thing in a shop, restaurant etc means "if you please". I answered "Un caffè per favore" with "A coffee, if you please", and was marked wrong!! I could have been in a small grocery store buying "a jar of coffee" not a cafe or restaurant buying "a cup of coffee"!! "Errr well" you must be an infrequent customer in an English or Australian or American or New Zealand cafè to say "you have not heard someone say"; "a coffee please"!!


There is something realky wrong. It asks to write what you hear and then, when you write what you heard, they want the translation.


Per sounds like ter


It does not let you type what you hear


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Hard to understand


I don't know why, but "per favore" sounds very funny for me

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