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  5. "Le ragazze cosa mangiano?"

"Le ragazze cosa mangiano?"

Translation:What do the girls eat?

April 11, 2013



Cool. Thanks to Duolingo for giving me an alternative sentence structure with "cosa" in it. I had been wondering whether it always needs to be at the start of the sentence.


Unfortunately, I thought I would try and see if I could get away with
'The girls are eating what?'
and lost my heart. It's okay, I kind of believe that if someone says that in English, it is generally said in an exclamatory fashion, and almost calls for a exclamation point at the end, or at least '.. eating what?!'


Got the same opinion. I expected tge sentence to be started with "le ragazze" on purpose. So I wrote "the girls, what do they eat" and lost the heart...


Yes, in English as well there are many ways to convey a thought, each with it's own nuance. So there is almost a many-to-many mapping between thoughts in Italian and English. It is part of what fires my fascination with translation.


Would this be another correct way to write What do the girls eat--Cosa mangiano le ragazze?


Is this giving emphasis to the girls? What do they eat - as opposed to boys perhaps. Rather than a question of what they are eating now?

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