"Le ragazze cosa mangiano?"

Translation:What do the girls eat?

April 11, 2013

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Would this be another correct way to write What do the girls eat--Cosa mangiano le ragazze?


Cool. Thanks to Duolingo for giving me an alternative sentence structure with "cosa" in it. I had been wondering whether it always needs to be at the start of the sentence.


Unfortunately, I thought I would try and see if I could get away with
'The girls are eating what?'
and lost my heart. It's okay, I kind of believe that if someone says that in English, it is generally said in an exclamatory fashion, and almost calls for a exclamation point at the end, or at least '.. eating what?!'


Got the same opinion. I expected tge sentence to be started with "le ragazze" on purpose. So I wrote "the girls, what do they eat" and lost the heart...


Yes, in English as well there are many ways to convey a thought, each with it's own nuance. So there is almost a many-to-many mapping between thoughts in Italian and English. It is part of what fires my fascination with translation.


Is this giving emphasis to the girls? What do they eat - as opposed to boys perhaps. Rather than a question of what they are eating now?

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