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Norwegian is infectious



It is great to see so many Norwegian Students all over Europe

Singing and Laughing - it is the best reason to learn Norwegian

. . http://jackelliot.over-blog.com/2019/04/happiness-is-infectious.html

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April 27, 2019


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Hello, old friend! Nice to see you around these parts. :)

The students pictured are from two of the student choirs here in Trondheim, Pirum and Candiss, and they're certainly known for spreading happiness.

Some reading for the Norwegian learners: Pirum reddet fra Nidelva

And a little listening practice:

April 27, 2019


I just met them today in Krakow

They said that the invited some medical students in the choir to norway a few years ago

The Polish students invited the choirs to Krakow

over 700 students in the choirs responded

this surprised them because they did not expect so many to respond

The students say that it is very difficult to join the choir

They have tough exams to test their musical ability

so they are in the classical traditional choirs

But they also have their own University fun choirs

they like singing modern songs

But they also like to change lyrics for fun

I hope they you enjoy this story

Fun and happiness is infectious

All the best


April 27, 2019


Hi, I see you're Learning both Norwegian and Danish. You should try this funny sketch With Norwegians making fun of Danish (saying it's so impossible to understand they can't possibly understand it themselves). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mProaS--OE4 This is no bad intension towards Danish - just for fun.

April 27, 2019


Hello, puffin. How’s Scotland? :)

April 27, 2019


very warm

I got sun-stroke

cycling from Glasgow to Dumbarton

Warmer than Spain


so strange

A wee change from the rain and wind

April 27, 2019


started bc of Eddsworld. Stayed bc its a nice sounding language.

April 29, 2019


I actually started doing the Norwegian course here to better understand some select TV shows (KLM Klassiker, Lilyhammer..)

April 28, 2019


"Parterapi" is a New one. Funny sketches where People talk about their relationship problems. You can find it on the NRK app.

April 28, 2019

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