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when do you put le l and la

hello im very confused when you put a la le l can someone plz help thank you

April 27, 2019

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"Le" is the article that comes before the masculin noun, and the "la" is the article that you put before the feminine noun. The "l" is a replacement for "le" or "la" when the noun starts with a vowel. Because otherwise, you would have two vowel sounds one after another, and it wouldn't flow as nicely. So for example, instead of saying "le avion", you will say "l'avion" and instead of saying "la abeille", you'll say "l'abeille".


That's right, but a little precision : L' is used also before a noun beginning with a mute "h". I am native.


le homme la femme merci!


L'homme, not le homme. Homme is a word beginning with a mute "h".

You can say : l'homme, masculine, la femme, feminine ; le garçon, masculine, the boy ; l'abeille, feminine, the bee.

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