"What is their main wealth?"

Translation:Apa kekayaan utama mereka?

April 27, 2019

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what is the difference between "kekayaan" and "harta", please?

Is it like "harta" is used only for precious treasure like gold, jewelry and so on? While kekayaan includes all wealth even with the non-financial wealth (knowledge, metaphorical meaning for love, family,...)? Thank you


Good question! I looked them up in KBBI.

  • "Harta" means "tangible and intangible assets owned by corporate entities".

  • Kekayaan means "personal assets". There is no difference of asset class (i.e. gold, stock, real estate etc.) between the two words if they are used in financial contexts. However, "kekayaan" also means "power". For example, "kekayaan Allah" means "the power of Allah".


Suggestion: The English sentence should be revised to read "What is the primary form of their wealth?"


Why can't I use yang apa kekayaan yang utama mereka

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