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"You all speak the English language"

Translation:Semeni Kingereza

April 27, 2019



NO, NOT Kingereza; it should be Kiingereza. This must have been reported thousands of times by now. Is it impossible to fix???

Source: TUKI KAMUSI YA KISWAHILI-KIINGEREZA Swahili-ENGLISH dictionary http://www.elimuyetu.co.tz/subjects/arts/swa-eng/


I agree: difficult to understand why this has not yet been corrected. Btw, your post made me curious if Swahili has a word for 'umpteen'. According to the Tuki Kamusi: (slang) chungu nzima, where chungu means 'lot, heap, pile' (amongst others).


Yes, I have heard "chungu nzima" lots of times in conversation; I've also heard "chungu mbovu," which doesn't make a lot of sense, but it's slang or very informal usage, so ...


Hello, is "Speak English!" not correct?

Thanks, Nayuta


Yes, that is a correct translation! Actually, imho the only correct one. Sounds like DL doesn't approve of it?


Thanks for the reply, yes, it was marked as not correct.

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