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Pictures in Klingon

I'm really enjoying the Klingon course. It's really challenging and really fun. But it would be so much more awesome if it had some dedicated Klingon pictures. For example, for "ship" why can't we have a Bird of Prey instead of an fishing ship from earth. And all the "people" pictures (e.g. children, woman) are disgusting humans. Can we get some forehead ridges please.


April 28, 2019



Or how about a Bird of Prey decloaking in front of a fishing ship from earth?


Duolingo only has a couple of illustrators and they are working on a lot of parts of Duolingo. When they make an illustration, they want it to have maximum usefulness (in other words not be course specific). However we did just get them to add one Klingon specific illustration which we have used for nuH in the Noun Qualifiers Skill.


Actually, it would be better if the Klingon course simply used more words for things that appear in the pictures. It's cute to make sentences about captains murdering ambassadors on ships, but Klingon is perfectly capable of talking about real-world things too.

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