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  5. "Turn off the lights."

"Turn off the lights."

Translation:E hoʻopio i nā kukui.

April 28, 2019



Okay need technical kokua. My phone just went through a mandatory "upgrade" and, typical of all upgrades, I've lost something on which I rely. In this case it was the downloaded keyboard. I no longer have access to vowels with kahako. Any idea how I can get them back? I tried to re-download one but when I searched for it, it wasn't available. =(


on my phone i can access the vowels āēīōū by holding down the letter and waiting for accents to pop up. (i can get ‘ the same way by holding down ')


I suspect that's the functionality that OP lost with the upgrade.

My phone did not initially work that way. I downloaded Gboard (from Google Play) and got the ability to hold down a key and get alternative letters, also alternative "apostrophes", including the ‘okina.

So, it sounds like a trip to the app store, or whatever it's called for that phone, will fix the problem.

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