Trouble with Duolingo app for the last two days

I have noticed that the Duolingo app does not work for the last two days. I can open up the grammar skills for French and Spanish; however, I cannot do an exercise, neither for French, Spanish or Japanese. So I went to the Duolingo website to do my daily lessons. French and Spanish worked fine; however, the Japanese lesson was completely flawed. The audio did not work fine, and there were characters missing for forming a sentence so obviously some of my sentences were wrong. I wanted to report that, but there is no description that matches this issue. Perhaps, Duolingo people, you can fix this problems? Thank you!

April 28, 2019


I too am having trouble with the french lessons on my p.c. The multiple choice questions don't actually show the alternative answers. They are either hidden by the images you are supposed to choose from or are on top of each other and some go below the bottom of the page. This has been happening for over a week. About to give up.

April 29, 2019

I, too, am having trouble since the introduction of the new format a couple of days ago. I use an ipad to do the french lessons and for most of the new multiple choice type questions the choices don't show. The "which of the three pictures represent the english word" questions don't actually give any english word. The question type giving an english phrase and asking you to choose from among the three french phrases shows the french choices all one on top of another so you can only read the top one. I'm really scrambling to keep up my streak.

April 28, 2019
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