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Bug - Notwendige Wörter werden nicht angeboten.

Bug - Notwendige Wörter werden nicht angeboten. Bei jedem Versuch ändert sich das Wortangebot.

Hier ein kleines Video, wie der Fehler aussieht: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nY4gkNH6Fv4

April 28, 2019

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Hi bitterlemon2808,

sorry, I don't speak German.

The tiles are actually "here", they are just on a third row which is hidden buy the bottom barmenu.
That's by the way likely why you finally were able to validate the exercise: each time, the order of the tiles (that are for that exercises onto 3 lines) is different and the last time you were lucky enough so that the hidden row of tiles contained only "distractors" (=tiles that are not needed). If the tiles was really missing, it'd more likely mean a problem in the definition of the exercise hence the tile would not finally appear.

Next time a tile seems to be missing, zoom out (to 67% for example) your browser => the 3rd row will more than likely appear.

Personally, I use Duo always at 67% --- otherwise everything takes far too much space and, for example, on forums a 100% zoom forces you to scroll all the time --- and with the browser using the full vertical space of my screen.
I suggest to do the same, to zoom out to 67% or 75% your browser for Duo pages. it'll avoid this issue with the tiles.

Here a comparison, for a given exercise, between

  1. my browser at 100%-zoom

    The tile "padres" seems missing
  2. my browser at 67%-zoom

    but the tile "padres" is in fact here!


Thank you jrikhal. The first user who replied to me was gisberth. He already hat the right idea. I will try to zoom out the next time such a problem occurs again.

Now I understand that it's not a database or script bug, but it's still a design bug. I hope it'll get fixed in the future, so that duolingo is always usable with an unaltered 100% zoom. =)


It's a poor design choice, I fully agree!

But [personal pessimistic opinion] I wouldn't hope too much for it to be change, unfortunately.
Why? Exactly because it is looks like a choice. Indeed, Duo is more and more using the exact design of the apps onto the web version. And the apps are on small screen so need big fonts. So as long as Duo will keep this trend to uniformise app-design and web-design, by using the app one onto the web, I'm not optimistic in this being changed.

For sure, I hope to be proved wrong! :crossing_fingers.




I completely agree with you.

They cannot leave the web untouched, dunno why.

Unfortunately, it looks like they will bring more and more "features" from the app to the web and it will be going downhill (e.g app "find me a random club" swapped over from IOS to Android)...just like with the Android app version where the spiral started a longer time ago with V3.77.5 (and even before that version!).


I am still laughing about the V3.6x or was it V3.7x Android mobile app "feature" where you were only allowed to press the Check/Continue button to go the next question, and you were not allowed to translate the existing sentence but instead of their app update presented you the FINAL solution with all the word banks for the full/long sentence.

The latest web update shows even more:

  • picture exercises
  • multiple-choice

and still does not allow me to TURN OFF all this stuff on the L1-L3 crown levels with Tampermonkey userscripts: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31856908

Quite sad to see the developers from a company basically destroy nice concepts and not working on the prio 1 stuff...instead of they seem to constantly remove stuff (e.g levels in the quick language course switcher popup menu) or disimprove existing features.

I constantly get black screens and freezes in Firefox V52.9.0esr when doing practice lessons because of their new GUI web rollout (this was not the case before).

I hope I can at least complete my two PT reverse trees before the next improvement is rolled out.

I have already made the decision not to start their longer new EN->FR staff/contractor French tree12 with 156 skills in the next 1-2 years.

Happy Sunday.


Oh my. And that in a time when every webdesigner is talking about "Responsive Webdesign" =)

But I won't complain anymore. Duo is free, so I'm OK with little bugs.

Thank you.


Dafür kann es mehrere Gründe geben.
Bei dir ist vermutlich nur die Schrift zu groß oder das Fenster zu klein, so dass die dritte Zeile mit Wörtern nicht dargestellt wird, bzw. unter dem Fußfenster verschwindet. Firefox verwendet strg - um den Fensterinhalt zu verkleinern.


It's indeed very likely the reason!


Das würde mich sehr wundern. Ich lerne auf einem 15" Laptop (1366x768 pixel) mit 100% Darstellung. Ich habe also nichts vergrößert. Natürlich hat mein Laptop keine super Auflösung, jedoch kann es doch nicht sein dass ich unter 100% gehen muss, damit das Design der Duolingo Seite passt.

Ich habe nun nochmal ein paar Übungen gemacht und auf bis zu 50% verkleinert, aber eine dritte Zeile wurde mir so nie angezeigt.

Ich werde das mit dem Verkleinern aber versuchen, falls nochmal ein Wort fehlen sollte.


Kein Wunder, bei 50% passt es auch in zwei Zeilen.
Durch das neue Design ist aber der Fußbereich größer geworden und für die Aufgaben bleibt weniger Platz. In den anderssprachigen Foren ist das Problem gerade auch wieder aktuell.
Ansonsten die Wordbank ausschalten und das Wort von Hand einfügen. So kommt man wenigstens weiter.
Ich hatte solche Probleme schon öfters und es war nie ein Bug. Entweder Darstellungsprobleme oder völlig unbekannte Satzkonstruktionen.
Aber einmal ist immer das erste Mal.


Wie gesagt, ich werde deinen Tipp das nächste mal probieren, wenn wieder ein Wort fehlt. Dann wäre es aber zumindest ein Designfehler. 1366x768 pixel, Firefox im Vollbildmodus und mir 100% Darstellung sollte eigentich ausreichen.

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