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what is the difference between Bevi and Bevete

I just got to this lesson and they both mean the same thing from what it is telling me.... Can someone explain the difference?

May 30, 2014



Italian distinctly separates out you singular from you plural. In American English this can be done with you versus all of you (or all you all/all y'all down South). Note: it can be done, it just isn't done as often. English typically uses you for both one person, and a whole bunch of people. But, in Italian they are always seperated. So tu bevi is you (just one person) drink. While voi bevete is all of you (a whole group) drink.

http://www.wordreference.com/conj/ItVerbs.aspx?v=bere has the conjugation of the verb bere (to drink).

Io bevo - I drink

Tu bevi - you singular drink

Lui/lei beve - he/she drinks

Noi beviamo - we drink

Voi bevete - all of you drink

Loro bevono - they drink

May 30, 2014


To summarise AernJardos perfect answer;

Bevi is saying 'you drink' to a single person, whereas Bevete is saying 'You (all) drink' to a crowd, :)

May 30, 2014


ahhh thank you this was so helpful :D

May 23, 2017



May 30, 2014


I wish they distinguished when you take the quizzes singular vs plural

September 28, 2017
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